Reinventing a Legend: An Interview With Cory Barlog and the Cast of God of War -

Tony Polanco from writes:

"After the panel, I interviewed director Cory Barlog, and actors Christopher Judge (Kratos), Danielle Bisutti (Freya), and Jeremy Davies (Balder). Given the spirit of the event (a celebration of story-driven media), I focused on how the actors brought their respective characters to life and how wearing motion-capture equipment impacted their performances. I also asked the director about how this entry honors the legacy of the series and if he believes they were successful on that end."

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Jayszen165d ago

Nice behind-the scenes titbit. Good to put faces to the voices. Kratos has one hell of a 'voice'. This guy is really good.

Einhander1971165d ago

All brilliant acting from the whole cast, once again well done to Cory and the Santa Monica studios team.