10 Sega Franchises That Belong on the Xbox One

SEGA have brought so many wonderful franchises into the gaming world, one can almost begin to forget the sheer number of them. Despite this, a great many of them are yet to make an appearance on the Xbox One, a place where they would surely be welcomed with open arms.

This list covers some of the most pressing ones, and paints a picture of just how much Microsoft fans are missing out on.

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Fullmetalevolust1480d ago

They all deserve another chance on ps4, switch and Xbox one. Sega is actually seeing some profit on the games they have published so they may venture into developing and releasing older IP's. I am looking forward to Sakura Wars and I hope it releases on ps4 and Switch.

DigitalRaptor1480d ago

Weird article. "Belong" is a strange word to use, and not enough legitimate reasons are given as to why Xbox One in particular and not others.

For those that care not to dredge through 10 pages:

1) Yakuza
2) Daytona USA
3) Initial D
4) Phantasy Star Online
5) House of the Dead
6) Super Monkey Ball
7) Virtua Tennis
8) Persona
9) Panzer Dragoon
10) Nights

firelogic1480d ago

Yes it's good to have games on more than one platform so more people can play them but honestly, looking at that list...none of them would do well on the XB1. They'd certainly do better than zero but anyone with any inkling of playing those games wouldn't only own an xbox and thus would probably have already played them on other platforms.

For example, someone who has an interest in Japanese games wouldn't just own an xbox. They would have had to have owned at least one of PS2, PS3, PSP, or Vita at some point.

And of course there will be replies saying they've only owned an xbox and would love to play those games. Well there's not enough of you out there to make it worthwhile it would seem because Sega is in the business of making money. I'm sure they wouldn't deliberately sacrifice making more money just to spite Microsoft and their users.

j15reed1479d ago

Just going by VGChartz Yakuza 6 - .32M Yakuza Kiwami - .38M Gravity Rush 2 - .32M etc. so you mean to tell me Xbox wouldn't get anywhere near these numbers if these titles came out for the system? You guys are funny if thats what you call selling than wow

Derceto1480d ago

"For those that care not to dredge through 10 pages:"

Thanks. So tired of the "click" era of internet.

WilliamSheridan1480d ago

Virtua Tennis and House of the Dead and I'd be very happy. I want new light gun games that work with this generation. Tv's should be bright enough now...

ILostMyMind1480d ago

I don't know what Super Monkey Ball and Initial D are, but all others games don't start on XB. What this shit site is talking about?

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PhoenixUp1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Yakuza would just flop on Xbox One with its heavily Japanese focused eccentricities

Persona even moreso

Razmiran1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

None of those would sell well on Xbox
Some of them already had some presence on previous Xbox consoles and they didnt sell

masterfox1480d ago

"10 Sega Franchises That never should be in the Xbox One cause they don't deserve it"

^^^ Article Title fixed ;)

hulk_bash19871480d ago

Im pretry sure Phantasy Star and Panzar Dragoon were already on an Xbox Platform.

ghostrider321480d ago

First it's they need games, now it's they don't deserve them. You console gamers are a weird ass bunch.

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The story is too old to be commented.