Microsoft Needs to “Invest in Teams, Empower Them Creatively, and Give Them Time”- Phil Spencer

The one thing that I think we all can agree on is that the Xbox One’s first party lineup is, to put it charitably, fairly lacking.
Speaking in response to a Twitter fan, who asked Phil Spencer for “something new and big” and “not multiplayer”, Spencer said he agrees with that assessment, and agreed needs fixing.

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AspiringProGenji173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Time to time this company shows how crueless they are when it comes to gaming. It took you all this time for them to finally realize this?

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Obscure_Observer173d ago


Well, Xbox isn´t doing everything right, but they are certainly doing things right for gamers that Sony or Nintendo isn´t doing. That´s why Xbox One is still alive and not dead like the Wii U.

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AngelicIceDiamond173d ago

Phi'ls known for awhile its follow through and consistency is what he needs. Xbox wouldn't such a gap in their games if Fable Legend, Phantom Dust 2 and Scalebound delivered. Even if Crackdown released on time.

Rimeskeem172d ago

Delivered is one thing. Being canceled is another. Sea of Thieves didn't deliver, State of Decay 2 is starting to feel the same way. It's been like over a year since the xbox got a decent TRUE exclusive title.

ConsoleGamer172d ago (Edited 172d ago )


"It's been like over a year since the xbox got a decent TRUE exclusive title."

The last TRUE EXCLUSIVE released in 2015 if i'm not mistaken. If you meant CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE you might be right.

The Wood172d ago

It's not as simple a delivery a few games , . . It's their whole ethos that needs changing.

Your comment above was a tad misplaced. There are many x pats mirroring what ps guys or 'fan boys' have been saying for years. Shoot at ms not the messenger.

capjacksparrow172d ago

Yes, but they didn't deliver, and that's the issue. It's bad for the industry. They should be sinking, instead, their fans are keeping them afloat by buying into their promises. I hope no other console manufacturer ever does what Microsoft did this gen when it comes to making exclusive games.

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-Foxtrot172d ago

The way he talks to people comes across like he's just a simple everyday employee who works within the Xbox division...HE'S THE GOD DAMN HEAD BOSS

"“Invest in Teams, Empower Them Creatively, and Give Them Time"

Then do that know the same song and dance you've been saying over the past 4 years in a number of different ways. Good lord.

trooper_172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

It's like a light bulb suddenly popped up.

And angelic, plenty of people criticizing Microsoft were former fans. You don't have to defend everything they do - it's okay to speak up and demand more.

Fist4achin172d ago

Gosh, isn't that what any good company trying to develop something should do?! Sounds like common sense to me.

Seraphim171d ago

actually they realized it previously. A combination of studios and exclusive deals which lead to the closure of most of the studios acquired, closure of other studios, and not even bothering to do exclusive deals. Time and time again this company regurgitates the same ole BS. Make a move, make it look good, then revert.

Dragonknight66171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

"They have failed this generation let's hope they get the new games ready for the launch of Xbox Two."

Agreed. They should get ready for the Xbox 2

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Heelix173d ago

This is from the same Twitter interaction posted earlier just a different headline

E3 should be a fun event.

manabyte77172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

It certainly will be for PS4 owners.

AmstradAmiga172d ago

It certainly will be for gamers.

maybelovehate173d ago

I think the lack of console exclusives is not really accurate, Ori, Sunset, Halo, Gears all delivered top tier experiences. With Halo and Gears still going strong today. Although they really need to bring Halo and Sunset to PC already. That is their best platform.

That said, some of their decisions are a bit baffling. Halo is a huge universe waiting to be explored in other genre's. You could make such a powerful RPG or 3rd person stealth game in this world.. so what does MS give us? A console RTS lol. It's not that Halo Wars is a bad game, it's fine for what it is, but just not a genre that will appeal to most of their customers.

They own huge IP's that they have let sit dormant while investing in IP's nobody cares about. For example, paying to make Super Lucky's Tale an exclusive when they could have spent that money to make a new Banjo.

Lastly it is time to let Rare the studio die. They own the IP's that matter. That studio just isn't capable of making good games and cost a lot of money to maintain. Use those resources to build a studio that can deliver good games.

Goldby173d ago

or it might be the direction Ms is forcing Rare to work in that is causing there issues with their games.

if the Perfect dark rumor is true, and is more of the GaaS/MT filled bullcrap i would much rather have rare push to go independent than be closed down for good

maybelovehate173d ago

Sea of Thieves launched with so many breaking bugs.. that isn’t an issue with direction, that is an issue of execution.

Goldby173d ago

i haven't played it so i cant really comment on that.

AngelicIceDiamond172d ago

The real rumor its supposed to be on the scale of Tomb Raider or Uncharted I don't know where you got Gaas/MT from

Goldby172d ago


I probably didn't word it properly.
I meant it as two different points.
1 being the rumor it's actually happening. And 2 if it is following their recent gaas push. Not that it is rumored to be like that

TheCommentator172d ago

@ Goldby

Show me a link that says MS forced Rare into anything. I'll wait...

In the mean time, I posted this elsewhere today but it fits here too:
"Everybody likes to create this narrative that Microsoft are evil, but that's not the case," Price told Eurogamer. "Phil Spencer taking the mantle of Xbox is one of the best things that could have happened for Rare, because he's always said to people at Rare [as general manager of Microsoft Studios], 'Do what you want to do and we'll back you.'"

That first line is rather poignant, don't you think?

Goldby171d ago


i never said it was, i said it might be. as in there a chance it is the case and chance it isn't.

as for what i was talking about. theres no way you can deny that MS is pushing for GaaS philosphy for their library, just like EA and other developers are starting to do.

So by my wording (which clearly wasnt written properly) there is a charnce that some thigns were changed to help push their philosophy on their developers.

you cant with a straight face tell me Phil and Ms would green light a game that can be described as follows.

"we want to take 4+ years to produce a game with 3 different types of ships, 1 type of enemy, half a kraken, and 3 different types of quests. on release people will realize that the game is somewhat shallow in areas but we will combat this by producing content for it on a regular basis and only form of progression will be through your cosmetic items."

If that was their pitch, it wouldn't have been backed. they had a grand scale of ideas for their game, about endless possibilities but they are still a ways off from getting there.

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Obscure_Observer173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


"Lastly it is time to let Rare the studio die. They own the IP's that matter. That studio just isn't capable of making good games and cost a lot of money to maintain. Use those resources to build a studio that can deliver good games."

I kind of agree with your opinion with a few reservations. Yes, Rare is big studio (more than 200 employees) and now that the Kinect is gone i see no reason for them to stick with these cartoony looking games which looks and plays like fancy indie games. It´s past time for them to wow us with some serious graphics showcases.

I´m willing to give them another chance with Perfect Dark (if the rumors are true), but i won´t hold my breath. If they fail to impress, by announcing another cartoony Nintendo like game, then Microsoft can shut them down and i won´t care.

A Studio with 200+ employees is too expensive to maintain when your final results could be achieved with 20 employees.

sprinterboy172d ago

Give them time? So what about the gamers who went out and spent 500$ on a X supposed to do waiting for games that actually use the power. Just play the upgraded bc games?

Eldyraen172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

I still love playing old Gears campaigns—kind of glad they went BC with X enhancements. They’re no replacement, but it’s a nice touch so I’m all for BC being continued, just shouldn’t be all we hear from them.

It would be very nice though to have some new AAA blockbusters that aren’t multiplatform, or one of the big 3, which are basically still carrying Xbox first party (even with fallout around them—Forza being the mostly consistently solid of the 3 though, which I don’t play as I’m not a racing fan).

IF the Joana Dark rumor is real, a serious reboot sort of like how TR went, and Fable can make a return it would be fantastic first step. JD could be a more Action oriented futuristic splinter cell-ish espionage adventure relatively easily and actually work (based off setting, gadgets, etc), I don’t need it to stick to a FPS like it has been in the past as it really hasn’t aged well (pdz). So reboot with new direction and mechanics or just drop PD completely and find something new.

Number one though is studios and time like Phil does admit, but has yet to proven fixed. Sad truth is they do need time but it’s basically all we’ve given them this entire generation. Xbox studios so far have released: Rare Replay/SoT (first new IP with SoT), Gears UE/4, Halo MCC/5, and of course Forza games. That’s literally all I can think of from first party studios since they closed Lionhead and canned Legends (a so-so twist on a franchise they shouldn’t have made imo). Rest are third and although i enjoyed them, SSO is probably the best of the bunch and easiest to recommend (SSO is only true exclusive—I’d buy it on pc though just for 4K). And Ori. Ori quite frankly might be the best Xbox One exclusive to date imo outside Forza Horizons but isn’t a reason to buy an Xbox (pc too and a smaller title to begin with).

Hope all the talk gets shown as a reality come e3 or it will be even more disappointing. I’ll still play on my X just as much, but nothing has struck a cord from them this gen remotely close to how Gears did first time around (which was of course a third party exclusive originally then as well, back before Coalition took over).

AmstradAmiga172d ago

People act like exclusives are the only games released. What about all the 3rd party X enhanced games? RDR2 is going to look great on the X for example.

sprinterboy171d ago

Granted it will look great on the X but in all seriousness not many gamers have jumped to 4k yet, sales have proven that on x and pro. Rdr2 will look great on our base models also. Imo gamers are waiting for proper 4k nxt gen to jump into 4k tbh.

mkis007171d ago

But then you miss out on those top rated exclusives just for the sake of having the top version of a game that is available on other platforms. I get wanting the best graphical version of a game, but missing out on other full games just for that reason?

Eldyraen171d ago

That’s why I play on my x since it’s release. Pc versions are technically better, but x is a close substitute without having to think about anything but playing the game.

Then some simply don’t come to pc still, but that’s fewer and fewer these days.

cheapness1171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

The enhanced games are clearly a way to differentiate the 1X from PC since their decision to go down the console exclusive but also on PC route. At the end of the day PC's are so far ahead that'd be the only reason a person with the resources to build a gaming PC would even think of an xbox. Why only rehash and remake? and why would someone that invested in a 1X be happy playing old games that despite their upgrades don't really exploit that hardware at all?

edit: just on the thinking about it point below....I click install....I click play, PC gaming is super simple nowadays and console gaming is more complicated.

Liqu1d171d ago

"RDR2 is going to look great on the X for example."

It'll also look great on other hardware too. Exclusives define a console and that's a fact.

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Cmv38172d ago

Its borderline comical if you support ms at this point. Sad state of affairs. Can't wait for Sony press conference.

SuperSaiyanGod41171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

I honestly don't think it's Phil Spencer's fault. If u pay close attention to his interviews he wants to give devs time to create games but the head of Microsoft doesn't care about that, they want in where u can make lots of money without having to wait years on projects to do so, why do u think Forza keeps releasing every other year, is because it's their best IP which turn 10 has the team to keep making it better and better. It might not sell as good as gt but it makes up for that by releasing every year.

Microsoft as a whole is in it for the money first before block buster AAA titles. They know in order to create those titles it takes time this is why u see games pass. It helps with them to make money even if no one bought the game, game pass is their way of u not going to Gamestop to buy a used copy, it's genius but at the same time could back fire for sales of a few major hits like halo, Minecraf, if these titles we're to be released on game pass but since Minecraft is multiplatform I'm sure their not really worried.

Phil Spencer on the other hand is actually a cool dude and a gamer at heart but there is only so much he can do and control. The real shots are being called by the guy that writes these guys checks. Not Phil Spencer.