Star Fox 64 VS. Star Fox 64 3D

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "We have reached the final chapter in our series of articles that pit an original video game up against its remake. From platformers, to RPGs, to action/adventure games, sports and stealth games and throughout the series it seems like a dead heat between which is preferable, the original or the remake. So for this final installment, maybe it’s a bit fitting that we go back to where it all began, the Nintendo 64 and one of its classic games being remade for a handheld game system years later. So for the final time, let’s ask the question – is the original Star Fox 64 a better game or does it’s 3DS remake claim victory?"

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Einhander1971756d ago

Love both versions love the 3DS version for the 3D and graphics. But the N64 controller was built for this game that's what gives the N64 version the edge for me personally.