The Yoshi Series is Having Trouble Finding its Footing

Yoshi has been a part of the Mario series since 1990, but wasn’t the main headline of his own title until a few years later. The lovable dinosaur has been a partner to Mario, played sports, solved puzzles and even helped Mario shoot down enemies in a safari, but where he shined most was his platforming appearance in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Today this game is still praised as one of the best from the SNES era and as Yoshi’s best title by far, so why does it seem that Nintendo is straying further from what made it work in favor of Yoshi titles that aren’t as good?

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FallenAngel19841672d ago

I just bought Yoshi’s Island on Wii U and I may try Yoshi’s Island DS again next

Omnislashver361672d ago

Agreed, Yoshi's Island was the shit. One issue might be their attempt at keeping the graphics current-gen. They're so focused on realism they turned him into a ball of Yarn and now are having him traverse cardboard scenery. Yeah, the art styles look nearly perfected and in many ways near real, and if they tried to do a realistic jungle it might look imperfect all around, but the fact of the matter is they're too focused on gimmicks.

Forget the superrealistic art style influencing the entire game for a second, bring back the mechanics and design of the old ones. Even if the style is imperfected, they can do BETTER.

Some of it, like oversizing elements so they can show all the detail, or completely redesigning levels is hampering everything about the old games that made them special.

So what if they can't do a superrealistic jungle? Bring a cartoony one but keep all the core elements the same.

To be fair I liked Yoshi's Story as well. But these new ones are focusing too much on graphics to the point graphics are changing gameplay mechanics.

PhoenixUp1672d ago

At least Yoshi has a new upcoming game

Where’s the next Wario Land title?

G3ng4r1672d ago

This. I'm fully expecting to hear about another wario ware though.

The 10th Rider1672d ago

Critically maybe, but even there the games come out okay. From a sales perspective the games do perfectly fine, hence why Nintendo continues to make them the way that they are.

Prince_TFK1672d ago

Relax, the new Yoshi game hasn’t come out yet. Let reserve our judgement until it hit the store shall we?

Shiken1672d ago

I think people are worried because of Kirby. They have always catered to similar audiences and it is not too far fetched to think that the new Yoshi will be shallow and too easy like Star Allies was.

However you are right, we won't truly know until it releases.

CrimsonWing691670d ago

We’ve had how many entries In the Yoshi franchise now and how many have been as good as the original yoshi’s Island? I think people have a right to be concerned.

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