Rumor: Capcom Has Listed An Unnamed 'Action/Adventure' Game For E3 2018

More interestingly, one that seemingly isn't coming to PS4, but to Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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strayanalog2220d ago

Probably horribly wrong, but the Devil May Cry collection seems like a good bet.

wonderfulmonkeyman2220d ago

I'd be down for that, but I'd prefer a new entry in the original series.
One that preferably takes place after the events of 2, which are canonically where the story has ended thus far, with Dante riding into Hell to face off against the big-bad that his father fought against.

naruga2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

they can release whatever they want exclusive for other consoles ... as long is NOT a Monster Hunter 5 ....as long this franchise remain on PS console (i would prefer exclusive ) i m calm and tranquil

also Capcom if you plan to return Resident Evil to its old form also i dont mind to be exclusive on PS ...if you plan to continue the RE7 sht , give it wherever you want :p:P

NecrumOddBoy2220d ago

well I guess it's not onimusha then

DarXyde2219d ago

1. People hated Dante's more stoic demeanor in Devil May Cry 2. For the sake of consistency, he would need to be the same way.

2. I'm pretty sure the big-bad Sparda fought was Mundus, who he already beat in the first game.

I'd rather they make a prequel about Sparda and his rebellion OR give Vergil a proper entry where he doesn't just acquire Yamato and Dante weapons. Maybe a game suggesting he survived the events of DMC1 and has his own powerful Devil Arms forged.

InMyOpinion2219d ago

Lost Planet 4 would be sweet.

wonderfulmonkeyman2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Stop being scared for Monster Hunter; it belongs with Nintendo just as much as it belongs with Sony at this point, and spreading it out to PC and XBox doesn't harm it any.
Heck, an exclusive Switch entry might do it wonders at the moment, given the still-rising popularity of the Switch itself, but if not then at least on Switch and PC so that some cross play could happen, since Sony doesn't often do cross play with Nintendo on titles that actually matter.

And if they're going to return to the RE series, I'd prefer they go with a new entry that plays like RE4 did.
One that is NOT PS4 exclusive, to boot, if possible, though I'd get it even if it WERE a PS4 exclusive, so long as it had RE4's mechanics but no Ashley mucking up the works.XD


I didn't mind his stoic attitude. If they did a follow-up, then that would be a chance of improving upon that attitude, maybe with some hard-boiled-type bad-ass one-liners to give him a bit more attitude without breaking the mold that's been set.

As for who he beat in 1, who was behind Mundus? It's been so long since I've played #2 that I've apparently forgotten who it was he's going after, if it's not Mundus or some form OF him.
But as for Vergil, I'm fairly certain that Dante going after whoever was behind Mundus in 2 was for the sake of killing off the guy who took advantage of Vergil, so maybe Vergil could be revived through that somehow and we could get some answers that way, if not open up a path for a Vergil sequel...

That or we could just continue on with the story behind Nero.
I don't know why so many people hated him, but there were a looooooot of unanswered questions behind that grabby arm and his past.
I'd like to see that explored a bit more.

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2220d ago
StormSnooper2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I’m not sure if it’s true. Maybe MS only paid to keep it off PlayStation.

AZRoboto2220d ago

And received very mediocre reviews to top it off.

DarXyde2219d ago

I wanna believe it's Onimusha.

Ceaser98573612219d ago

DMC 5 will be either PS 4 PC or Timed according to rumors .

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darthv722220d ago

they are bringing back Lost Planet.....?

Segata2220d ago

If they finally brought EX Troopers west that would be amazing!

Knushwood Butt2219d ago

Why? It's decidedly average.

Last_Boss2219d ago

YOOOO!!! I've been wanting this so bad!! They should have made a strict multiplayer game only, with huge arenas and destructible environments.

RetroGamingBlog2219d ago

Steel Battalion on OG Xbox is an amazing mech sim. Only equal is the Mechwarrior series.

I’ll agree ‘Armoured’ was a shambles - but SB and its hulking Controller is possibly my favourite console experience.

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firelogic2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Why are they assuming that the Switch and Xbox/PC games are the same? All it lists is the genre, not that they have ONE action/adventure title coming. Switch is getting a game and the Xbox/PC is getting a different one. The PS4 likely already has one of them (Monster Hunter World going to Switch) and the other is an Xbox timed/full exclusive (Dead Rising).

DaleCooper2219d ago

There have been rumors of a new Dead Rising game. I love that franchise but I feel it needs some innovation to keep going.

Stogz2219d ago

Yeah I'm with you, part 3 was great but 4 was lacking. Hope the next one is better.

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