Through the Eyes of Oerba dia Vanille

Final Fantasy XIII is a corny game. The kind of corny that makes you go “yikes..” and reach for the volume. That is mostly the fault of Vanille, the wild and multi-accented girl from Gran Pulse. She grunts, giggles and moans so incessantly that others in a nearby room might get the wrong idea.

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Elda265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Her voice was annoying including her moaning & panting but it's part of the Japanese culture when it comes to acting & storytelling which can be heard in most JRPG's. Imo FF-XIII was not corny at all,it's somewhat misunderstood as a FF game,one that I enjoyed immensely.FF-XIII is one of my top tier FF games & I've played most since the SNES days.

gamer7804265d ago

She was by far my favorite character in the first game, her character had the most depth and meaning imo. The actress is actually Australian for the English version. Her personality was a good complement to the stoic nature of lightning. FFXIII was probably one of my favorite FF games as well. My only real complaint of that entry was that they could have used more voice and cutscenes to tell what was in the data log.

Elda264d ago

I hear you. My favorite characters are Lightning,Sazh & Fang.There were a lot of cut scenes,if they would have made them longer it would have been a 2nd disc on the PS3.I'm hoping for a PS4 Pro remaster.