7 Other Games About Norse Mythology to Play After God of War

Twinfinite Writes: God of War takes Kratos from the pantheon of Greek mythology to the cold lands of Norse mythology. Here are a few other games with a focus on Norse myth, if you find your interest piqued.

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EdMcGlone172d ago

i would kill for some more valkyrie profile games :(

alexgibson172d ago

Jotun looks really cool. I must give it a go.

biblesosus171d ago

It's high time we get another Valkyrie Profile. I'm so ready. I can't believe we've had to wait this long and we just got a mobile game...

skcej171d ago

Can we please just get another Age of Mythology? Lost many hours of my childhood to that game!

Relientk77171d ago

Tempted to play Age of Mythology. Haven't played that game in so long.

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