Nintendo Explains Partnership with Cygames; Would Like Mobile Games to be a Pillar of Revenue

Nintendo executives Tatsumi Kimishima and Shuntaro Furukawa explain the deal with Cygames, and how it won't change the existing relationship with DeNA.

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Blu3_Berry1276d ago

I know mobile games makes companies alot of money, but I simply can't bring myself to play mobile games. I rather sit on my buttocks and play games on the big screen than a tiny mobile device that will be limited.

mcstorm1276d ago

I'm with you on that one but if a mobile game is done right it will sell well. Plus the casual crowd is all over mobile gaming and Nintendo know if they crack into this market it could make them more money and no matter if the company is Nintendo Microsoft Sony Apple or your local shop if they can make a profit from it they will.

Deathdeliverer1275d ago

Guess I better keep playing Shadowverse