PS2: God Hand Homepage launched

God Hand combines a "hard boiled" atmosphere with humorous elements in a "comical, violent" action game directed by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4) and produced by Atsushi Inaba (Phoenix Wright). The official God Hand Homepage is now online.

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The Capcom Series Most in Need of Revival

Capcom recently revealed interest in reviving their dormant IPs, so it's time to look at which Capcom series would make sense to return.

Knightofelemia489d ago

Breath of Fire, Knights of the Round, Saturday Night Slam Masters, a proper Bionic Commando game, Ghosts and Goblins. I am all down for Dino Crisis loved 1 and 2 one thing I like about Capcom is their massive library of games that need to be brought back to life. Next to Konami, Namco, Sega, old Squaresoft, Capcom was and is another one of my favorite developers. I would like it if Disney would just let Capcom make a Marvel game or two or Disney should let Capcom handle some Disney games. Capcom pulled of some great games with both Disney characters and Marvel characters.

488d ago
Chevalier488d ago

All those plus Rival Schools, Powerstone, Darkstalkers, Dungeons and Dragons and Aliens vs Predator.

Terry_B489d ago

Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, Captain Commando, Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire.

CrimsonWing69488d ago

I feel like Darkstalkers will get SJWd, but I still want it

RyanShutup488d ago

The Japanese seem to be immune to that bullshit... so far at least anyway.

shinoff2183488d ago

Breath of fire would be number one choice.

Glad to see it getting some love in the comments. I loved these games 1 through 4.
Not dragon quarter

Godmars290488d ago

Dark Stalkers, any fighting game - or side scroller - really, just not with SF's current art direction.


10 PS2 Games We'd Love To See On PlayStation Plus Premium

Cultured Vultures: One of the main selling points of PlayStation Plus Premium is the slew of retro games, so we're pitching some great additions from the PS2.

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P_Bomb542d ago

Had to say SSX Tricky didn’t ya? Now the song is stuck in my head, lol!

MadLad542d ago (Edited 542d ago )


The luxury of getting backwards compatibility sold back to you behind a paywall. Then hoping the games you actually want to play are even available.

Lexreborn2542d ago

You mean like switch online? Something we still don’t know (which Sony still has time to say) is if when it hits psn. Will it be buyable outside of psplus. Only way I see it not is if those games are 100% cloud based.

MadLad542d ago

This isn't a Nintendo article, it's a Sony article on the service they're providing their BC through.
And if you can't put an original disc into your console and play that game, it's less backwards compatibility and more just reselling you old games you may already still have.

Lexreborn2542d ago

Well you can’t really do that with any consoles then except ps5/ps4 and Xone/seriesSX. Even on the Microsoft side the BC is half baked for older titles as it’s always been from Xbox-360 to 360-xbone.

The only true bc device to ever exist was base ps3 in the last 13 years. So it’s been over a decade we haven’t seen “true” BC so why complain now?

It seems like you are looking for something to hate that’s been pretty established for a long time now. At some point you gotta let it go and just accept the reality.

septemberindecember542d ago (Edited 542d ago )


Wii U and 3DS were both backwards compatible with their predecessors fully. So PS3 was definitely not the last *true* BC device.

MadLad541d ago


Microsoft has been supporting BC since the 360 days, when PS3 took it away early on.
Microsoft then took another step and actually updated a lot of their BC titles, and allows you to put a disc and and play it.
Sony is just now allowing again BC, but are putting it behind a paywall.

And I've been talking about this for a while now because as soon as they pulled BC on Playstation we saw countless remasters in their place.

Lexreborn2541d ago

@september I definitely said backwards compatible console. And the Wii U would fall into the same standards of 1 generation prior BC which is a standard for these systems period. The ps3 had true bc as it played every ps1 and every ps2 game without any buffers or limits.

@ted the 360 had a small portion of BC titles as most of the Xbox catalog did not work on 360. That’s partial BC no matter how you wish to spin it. If you are going to down one platform BC as being limited, don’t forget the limits of all the rest.

As I said it’s practically a standard at this point.

septemberindecember541d ago

"true BC" isn't *every* system. True BC is when it is using a solution that doesn't require downloads or internet services to play. If true BC is defined as complete and total compatibility with all prior systems then the PS3 wasn't true BC either because it wasn't compatible with every game (particularly when they moved to partial emulation but even before that).

I like to keep things more simple than that.

Lexreborn2541d ago

@september then you aren’t keeping it simple at all because you just created several reasons why you define “true BC”. You are trying to over look the point of my example OF the PS3 model that had it. Which isn’t making it any less true since that mode DID support full BC from disc at that as well.

I have stated multiple times, that the BC that has been done since then is partial. Which is 100% true, the systems either only do 1 gen prior or even 40-70% of the titles from previous gens.

BC simply hasn’t been a reality in the console space for over a decade. It’s either emulation, partial BC or none at all. And if you want to keep putting up different make shift reasoning such as “putting in a disc” when that hasn’t been the case for almost 20 years now as there are games that never released on a disc. Which is another reason why BC is a ridiculous thing to squabble over.

septemberindecember541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Simply put, "true" BC doesn't mean it has to be backwards compatible with ALL previous devices. The 3DS and Wii U count as "true" BC devices. Your attempt to create some alternative meaning for what a "true" BC device is doesn't matter.

Also, again, even the hardware-based PS2 backwards compatibility on PS3 had compatibility issues. Some games didn't work. So the "without any buffers or limits" thing simply isn't true.

There is no need to try to redefine what a "true" BC console is for the purpose of some dumb argument against BC. 3DS and Wii U were backwards compatible video game consoles without relying on emulation and they released after the PS3.

Lexreborn2541d ago

@September I can literally find several articles of games not compatiable on the Wii U and 3DS from prior generation. And that list is almost the same of anything you could find to discount PS3 BC (which are games that used special connectors, add ons, slots not found on the device) and if you want to use that as the argument that PS3 couldn’t play everything then that applies to Wii U and 3DS as well meaning from your definition we’re both wrong.

Even though still I have been direct that I’m talking about consoles BC handling. And I haven’t been “against” BC I’ve been actually quite accepting of what the standard has been because I’m not sitting out here complaining about “limitations” on certain devices as a negative.

Example being the original person I responded to.

septemberindecember540d ago

Clearly you're misunderstanding the argument. I'm NOT discounting PS3 BC. You're discounting Wii U and 3DS BC. So if true BC is complete and utter compatibility with no limitations, PS3 doesn't make the cut. That's not MY definition. That's what YOU are trying to say it is based on your responses.

This is why I said I like to keep things simple. Wii U, 3DS, DS, GBA, Wii, PS3, early PS3 devices are all true BC devices. Xbox 360, PS Vita, Xbox One are not true BC devices. I believe PS5 is true BC with PS4 games. Though iirc Series X/S requires an online connection to begin a Xbox One game, so that would not make it true BC.

Basically, if it requires a download for physical media and/or can't actually play physical media it isn't true BC. True BC is playing physical media with no required online or additional download.

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CaptainHenry916542d ago

How would you put the original disc in the disc less PS5 🤔

MadLad541d ago

There's the Xbox Series S, yet you can still put it in the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Series X, and they don't charge you to do so.

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NotanotherReboot542d ago

Fifa 2001 , 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 please

SDuck542d ago

PES was better during that time

Luc20542d ago

That'd be amazing! Imagine being able to play all those DIFFERENT games 😂

jBlakeeper542d ago

I know it’s a PS3 game but it’s a crime that I can’t play GTA IV in my PS5. It and Red Dead Redemption. And that’s the truth.