Nintendo Vet Describes 90s “Factory” Working Conditions, Says Little Has Changed Since

Giles Goddard is one of the few Western developers to ever work for Nintendo's main Japanese teams, and he wasn't crazy about the experience.

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Unfortunately that is life. Hard work pays Bill's

Moonman264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

At the end of the day he was able to contribute to freakin' Super Mario 64 and 1080 Snowboarding. He made the opening face demo in Mario 64. "Miyamoto just saw it as he walked past. It didn't really change, either - the only thing was the elasticity. They wanted you to pull the face, but after that what happens? That's where you got the springy stuff." The fact Miyamoto saw something you made and allowed it into the masterpiece is a huge compliment. This guy comes off slightly grateful and ridiculously humble despite how this title made him sound. He said he loved the people at Nintendo just not the working culture...he said it was "old school 80's Japan". Behind the scenes of so many great things is not as glamorous as it seems to the fans or public but this guy kinda needs a If you read the full article on Eurogamer you will see what I mean. I wish he was more proud of his work. Interesting read though!!

slate91264d ago

"The fact Miyamoto saw something you made and allowed it into the masterpiece is a huge compliment"
Calm down. Hes not a god. Hes a talented game dev. And this guy has a different perspective on things than you and me. I dont care if the pope saw something I made. If I dont like my working conditions what does any of that matter?

Moonman264d ago (Edited 264d ago )


First of all I don't even play around with the Mario face at the start of Mario 64...not even in 1996..maybe once or He didn't design the game, the levels or have any input. He probably had extensive help with the face demo. Hell, who knows if he is lying to the extent he contributed to it. He is NOT that talented according to himself. I stated that he should at least understand the game is CLASSIC and even the face demo is a classic moment. He never quit Nintendo so if he didn't like it then he should of left! I never worked for Nintendo so all I can do is read what he said and make a comment based off that. And I would take that as a compliment from Miyamoto. I don't change a word I wrote about Miyamoto.

ShadowWolf712263d ago

Miyamoto ripped off the idea for Mario 64 anyways, so I mean...

LucasRuinedChildhood264d ago

It's terrible that people are making excuses for this already in the comments.

Moonman264d ago

What comments are you reading?

roadkillers263d ago

It's not the only problem you hear about in Video Games. All the time people are complaining about how many hours they work during crunch time. Video Game development in general is tough. I would never want to be a video game developer.

First off, the developers are sitting for 8-16 hours a day 40-96 hours a week. We are made to get exercise, not sit all day. Second, I don't know how developers can even think about playing games after staring at their screen all day (the eyes have to be shot). Then they make a game like God of War that will make roughly $1 Billion dollars when everything is said and done and they get paid roughly the same as any other job. That's on the positive side, lots of games do not make money back.

The 10th Rider263d ago

You forgot that many stuios hire for a single game and then let a bunch of people go. Or that many games get cancelled and the staff are all let go. The software industry in general also has problems with harassment and that extends to some game studios. The video game industry in general really needs a lot of improvement.

SuperSonic91263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

When you saw Mario's face make it into Mario 64, was there any sense that something important was happening?

No, not at all.

When Mario 64 shipped, was there not a moment where you think you've done something quite significant?

No, not at all.

I find that strange. Do you find that strange when people like me who are really interested in this stuff?

I find it slightly creepy.

LoL! Creepy indeed!
And for Nintendo zealots its like the most important part of history.

bluefox755264d ago

You have to take these kinds of things with a grain of salt. Every job I've ever had, there have been people that complain non-stop about the job being too hard, or too stressful, or too demanding. Sometimes these complaints are fair and warranted, sometimes they couldn't be less accurate.

LoveSpuds264d ago

That's all fine and dandy, but given the business culture in Japan in most industries including games development, it isn't hard to believe this guys story.

mehayexu264d ago

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The 10th Rider264d ago

Yeah, not to mention that the video game industry is notorious for long relentless hours. I find these guy's story believable but what you're saying about the complaining is true as well.

generic-user-name264d ago

Strange how nobody was making excuses for Konami.

Vegamyster264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Reading the article and comparing it to what Konami was doing, they're not similar at all. His main complaint was the long hours & sterile environment with Nintendo, Konami was monitoring employees individually with cameras, using time cards to "out" people, no access to internet/email, reallocated new/vet game programmers to janitor/cleaning/maintenance jobs if they either didn't like them or their work ethics plus a host of other things.

Sgt_Slaughter263d ago

Strange how people make baseless assumptions/comparisons without realizing how completely different the situations are.

Germ_the_Nobody264d ago

It doesn't sound bad at all. It actually sounds structured. That's success.

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