'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice' Looks Good (For Different Reasons) On Both The Xbox One X And PS4 Pro

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was never an ordinary game. It treats psychosis seriously and respectfully while drawing the player into the mind of a person suffering from the condition. It has the production values of a game made by a triple-A development studio, yet it was made by small, independent Ninja Theory. Now that it’s been released on the Xbox consoles, we can compare the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions. Once again, Hellblade breaks the mold.

Kumakai1868d ago


Here’s a summary of how Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice looks and plays on the One X and the Pro

Resolution is better in general and in every comparison between comparable modes on the One X.
Enhanced Visuals provides a more detailed image than High Resolution on the One X.
Enhanced Visuals on the One X and the 30 fps option on the Pro are very similar with the Pro having better shadows and the One X having higher resolution.
The One X has HDR, the Pro does not.
Performance on both consoles is the same when frame rate is capped at 30 fps.
Performance on the One X is much better when frame rate targets 60 fps.
If you care more about frame rate than visual quality, you’ll want to play Hellblade on the One X."

Gazondaily1868d ago

The X is the console version to get

Eidolon1868d ago

I think it's the case with any game if it's about graphics. In this case, It came out half a year later.. so I'm glad I played it on the PS4 Pro first.

Ricegum1868d ago

With the Pro being a lot cheaper too :) Plus while Xbox users get to finally enjoy this game, we get to play amazing exclusives like God Of War.

Xb1ps41868d ago

The game does look amazing!

pyroxxx1868d ago

Game is two years old or something,.Should look better on a more powerful hardware either way. It is not some incredible game I was told,.. It is 5 hours long parry fest which is fine

Eidolon1867d ago

It came out 8 months ago on PS4 Pro and PC

DigitalRaptor1865d ago

Bought it and beat it on the vanilla PS4.

Amazing game.

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Wotbot1868d ago

The game is beautiful on both but the X is the better version

AmstradAmiga1868d ago

Agreed. My Pro for exclusives and the X for everything else on console.

bluefox7551868d ago

Haven't played it on console, but it looks fantastic on PC. If you want the best possible experience, go with PC.

gamer78041868d ago

What pc? Pc players talk as if everyone has a 4k pc setup when data shows that is far from true.