Nintendo And Game Freak's Latest Patent Hints At A New Direction For Pokémon On Switch

Details have emerged surrounding a patent application submitted by Nintendo and Game Freak, the developer of the Pokémon series. The application appears to be for an interactive kind of trading card design, which seems to be able to communicate with the Switch and change appearance based on in-game activity.

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InTheZoneAC537d ago

can you just give us a normal, fully featured 3d world pokemon game, no gimmicks attached? Thanks

StonieWylder537d ago

It's a Patent, nothing says it's confirmed to actually be for Pokemon on the switch.

princejb134537d ago

a card game lol
yup we asked for this nintendo *sarcasm*

Theknightofnights537d ago

It's just a patent, relax people.

AdonisIsBeast537d ago

They should still be focusing their efforts and budget on a Xenoblade-scale Pokemon experience.

Sirk7x537d ago

It sucks, but I don't think adults are their core targeted audience for Pokemon, as much as I've wanted that exact thing.

AdonisIsBeast537d ago


If they were smart they would target adults. Simply because children can adapt to more adult-like experiences and still enjoy/appreciate the experiences. Where as adults are less likely to conform to a children’s game

FuckN4G_TrashSite537d ago

UH when it was announced last year at E3 2017.
THEY clearly said.
Card game is not a core Pokemon game.

Prince_TFK537d ago

That would be awesome. But as far as we know, Xenoblade is now the Pokemon game for adult. The core Pokemon game is usually aimed at younger audiences.

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MarineLineman537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

I seriously hope the new Pokémon game isn’t card-based. That would be horrible lol

FuckN4G_TrashSite537d ago

They clearly said last year that is was a Core RPG Pokemon game.
Game Freak only do the main Pokemon games.

porkChop537d ago

This is probably for a separate Pokemon CCG on Switch, rather than the mainline game that's coming.

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