How to trim Xbox One game clips using the guide

Recently, Microsoft introduced new sharing features for Xbox One, allowing you to share clips directly to Twitter.

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DarkVoyager175d ago

I still like the way you trim clips on PS4 better because you can see frame by frame without having to use a slider. But hey it’s a start.

Eidolon174d ago

I like how Xbox already had the ability to save the last X minutes of the video, without having to trim it manually, and you can do this in the guide menu.

Eidolon174d ago

But yeah, it's a start, but for precision convenience, PS4 has it.

_LarZen_174d ago

Hopefully it works better then it does now. I dont know how many times I've wanted to trim and upload a clip but giving up because trimming it dont work with that HORRIBLE Upload Studio trash.