Xbox Boss Further Emphasizes Possibility Of Classic Halo Experiences On PC

Phil Spencer called out the important of the Halo developer's statement about the "prospects" of other Halo experiences on PC.

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Sciurus_vulgaris175d ago

My guess is MCC will be released on PC this year.

BadElf175d ago

With Mouse and Keyboard support available to play it on Xbox One and obviously PC together

CurbStompin174d ago

Yeah it makes sense since the devs are working on the game. They wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t some financial incentive. Can’t wait

getbacktogaming174d ago

I hope they retain splitscreen coop :D

bluefox755174d ago

Hope so. Would be fun to revisit the old games. They were far superior to 4 and 5 IMO.

SirJoJo173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Story/campaign wise 4 is easily up there with the rest and multiplayer wise, 5 is arguably the best in the series so far and any true Halo vet/pro would know this is a simple fact, there is no opinions to be had on those aspects unless you're just terrible at the game or have never actually truly invested in the series. 4 is included in the MCC by the way.

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The_Jackel173d ago

im confused with the title as im pretty sure 1 and 2 were on pc but sounds like it will be MCC going to pc

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BeardedDrachen174d ago

Another reason not to own an Xbox...

fewDankMemes174d ago

For people that don't like consoles, sure.

BeardedDrachen174d ago

No, for people who can play Xbox games on PC.

fewDankMemes174d ago

Yes exactly, for people that don't like consoles and would prefer to use their PC. If every possible game that was on Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation was available on PC, there would still be a market for console gaming.

If we went by your logic, then Nier shouldn't have sold any copies on PS4 because it's available on PC. This is a really tired, and frankly stupid argument.

Brave_Losers_Unite174d ago

Smh there is no way there would be a console market without any exclusives.

TheCommentator174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

@ Brave Loser
"Smh there is no way there would be a console market without any exclusives."

Riiiight, because the Blu Ray market doesn't exist (It can't, right? There's no exclusives!). I guess there's no market for CD players either then.

Seriously, consoles exist IN SPITE of exclusivity... no other media format supports your assumptions about how "the market" functions. If we follow tour logic, the console market should be way bigger than it is now if every publisher had their own console that only played their games.
That sounds much better than what MS is doing with publishing on PC... /sarcasm

getbacktogaming174d ago

When I realized my laptop with 1050ti runs third party games better than base PS4 I figured I only keep a console for exclusives so yea no reason to own an Xbox...

fewDankMemes174d ago


That's all fine and dandy that you enjoy playing games on your laptop and having to hook your laptop up to your tv if you want to game on a bigger screen. That's inconvenient to me and i'd rather have a seamless experience. I like the idea of having a console or two directly hooked up to my tv that i never have to move, reconfigure what i'm hooking it up to, and conveniently play my games on my tv on the couch, as do millions of other people around the world.

There is merit for owning a PC but this site makes it seem like it is the only way YOU SHOULD play a game if it's on the PC.. That was my point towards Bearded's ridiculous comment, because he's speaking like it's the entire opinion of the general public and that is not the case.

Obscure_Observer174d ago


"No, for people who can play Xbox games on PC."

You mean, a few PC gamers.

bluefox755174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

@obscure "You mean, a few PC gamers."
Lol, what? With a PC that costs less than the X will play everything on Xbox One at 1080p/60fps.

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cigi174d ago

You should be aware that it will require a monster pc. You should not compare to what you know now but what they will be able to achieve when they have worked with xbox one x from the start.

Razmiran174d ago

Monster pc? Why? Remember this has to run on base xbox one which is a VERY weak console

TheSplooge174d ago

Not everyone has a $1000 gaming pc. Sorry bud..

ZeroX9876174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

not everyone wants to deal with PC at all. So Xbox would be their system of choice in this case.

It's so nice playing fortnite with my PS4/PC friends in the same party. it makes you remember that gaming together is what's important and not the brand of hardware you bought, be it console or PC.

TheSplooge174d ago

It would be nice if multiplat games had crossplay between all platforms for that matter. I love playing on pc, but consoles are much more convenient for me now.

Razzer173d ago

You don't need $1000. This Less than $500 will get you a better gaming experience than base Xbox One and does a hell of a lot more.

TheSplooge173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


And look at all of those 1 star reviews on it. Sorry, would rather buy a 1X for that price and not have any of the problems that come with a cheap "gaming" pc from dell. You people try way too hard to crap all over the xbox brand. Maybe you should buy it and stop playing on playstation seeing as it does "so much more".

Razzer173d ago

lol.....just one example, Splooge. The PC gaming market has plenty of competition. Spend a little more and you get a PC that is better than 1X (link below). And I don't know how we are crapping all over the Xbox brand by promoting PC gaming. Unless, of course, you think Phil Spencer is crapping all over the Xbox brand as well.

Hell, the money you save from having to pay for online and the crazy number of ways to save on games.....please, you guys really need to shut up about costs. You don't know what you are talking about.

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battlegrog174d ago

When will people realize its about software. If you can play the xbox experience on pc and with an xbox controller whats the difference.

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Xavi4K174d ago

Talk about yourself not everyone can afford or have pc that can run xbox games

BeardedDrachen174d ago

Fresco... how many Xbox's have you purchased this generation?

TheHan174d ago

You mean for those PC players who can’t handle a Console sure.

Mystogan173d ago

I have a decent gaming laptop and a Gaming PC, I have a Switch and I have an Xbox.

Most of my game time is spent between the Switch and my Xbox. I play Gears of War 4,Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves on my laptop when im not home. It's just awesome to be able to play the same games anywhere I want.

I just wish Game Pass was on my Switch as well.

Razzer173d ago

You have a lot of redundancy and a major omission.

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kevnb174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

I would like master chief collection, but it will probably be a uwp game on the Microsoft store so nobody will buy it.

Kryptix174d ago

The reason why I haven't purchased Gears of War 4 which currently sits at 2.8 out of 5 stars.

No mod support and the important no Steam integration to invite friends and see who owns the game kills it.

Also Phil Spencer is stating this in reaction to removing Halo Online. They saw that Halo Online brought in a lot of gamers so they see money to be made. I played a bit before it got taken down and it was a good experience so I do hope MCC does come to PC at some point, but like you said, not going to deal with the UWP garbage.

battlegrog174d ago

All halos have been in the works for pc long before halo online. You think they realize theres a pc market just now? They will release an xbox streaming service on pc and a lot of pc people will want to use it

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slate91173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

"I played a bit before it got taken down." Well do I have good news for you! It was never taken down! 😄

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FITgamer174d ago

I'd be all over this. I'd like to play the first 3 games again.

Kavorklestein173d ago

Honestly, Halo 4 was awesome.
The Prometheans, the level design, the world, the story, the plot, the Didact, the new weapons, no Stupid Flood....
? NO ?
Yeah Halo 4 is Just as good as the other 3 IMO.
Halo 5 is the only Main game that really falls short of the Legacy of the First 4 games.
And even then, that's only the plot that falls short. Everything else was Pretty Great. Not Legendary, but pretty damn great.

FITgamer173d ago

I never got a chance to play Halo 4's campaign. Just MP, which I really wasn't too fond of.

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