Nintendo First Party Franchises That Could Use The ‘Sony Style’ Reboot

One thing is certain this gaming generation: Sony and Nintendo are delivering first-party exclusives beyond anyone's wildest expectations. So if Sony can deliver the occasional whimsical game, then why can’t Nintendo deliver a mature epic of its own? Better yet, what if Nintendo took a few of its existing IP’s game them created them with an eye for an older audience? Here are five Nintendo franchises that could potential rival Sony’s mature first-party titles.

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FallenAngel1984226d ago

Kid Icarus: Uprising was an unexpected reimagining of the series. That’s the closest you’ll get to that concept author

Vegamyster226d ago

They should make a sequel for the Switch, Uprising was fantastic with it's only problem being the controls on the touch screen/face buttons.

DivineAssault 226d ago

If nintendo can get monolith soft to make a new mother, it would be good..

PhoenixUp226d ago

This article reminds me of how Microsoft is the only one among the big three that don’t seem to have a definitive style worth copying

ConsoleGamer225d ago

Generic games don't need to be copied

The 10th Rider226d ago

Star Fox does not need a serious "mature" story driven game. If anything, even if story driven, it should be inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and cheesy 70/80's action movies.

Neither does Earthbound. Part of the point of Earthbound is that everything is made up of everyday objects and things, but with an exciting and weird twist. Trying to over dramatize it and turn it into a mature story driven title would kill the whimsicality that the series is based on.

Lexreborn2226d ago

Isn’t the point of the author pretty much about shaking up the franchises so they aren’t doing the same thing but staying consistent at its root image? Kinda like how Mario is a platformer, puzzle game, board game, kart game, rpg etc.?

The 10th Rider225d ago

Yeah, but Mario always has the core themes and style intact. For most of the franchises the author mentioned it would be like taking Uncharted and making it into a sports game. Or taking God of War and making it into a mini-game compilation.

G3ng4r226d ago

Nintendo has been running their videogame business for decades. Pretty sure we don't need every game to play like tlou.

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The story is too old to be commented.