Nintendo Switch Could Be A Worthy Goal For PS5 and Next Xbox To Follow – Dev

IguanaBee CEO believes that hyper realistic graphics are below story and gameplay on many players' lists.

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corroios173d ago

No Way. They will stay with a real home console. They are breaking records. Portable hybrid is something of Nintendo.

mikeslemonade172d ago

No I don’t want weak hardware and weak screen.

getbacktogaming172d ago

Yep pretty much meanwhile I'd love to have a switch next to my PS4 but between having a portable version and a nicer looking version of a third party game... hmmm I'm a graphic's bitch :(.

JaguarEvolved172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Lol. Who would want to emulate having weak hardware so games could be a lot more limited in scope? Can you imagine god of war 4 with graphics, animations and physics like Zelda breathe of the wild. Think about no voice acting in god of war 4 also. Nintendo games are meant for children and the hardwares are geared towards children. A lot of gamers have lives to live away from gaming so gaming on the go isn't of importance to them. Some people who are children or have childish mentality want to play games in school, in the park , at work or wherever but a lot of gamers don't want to game on the go because they have more important things to do.

I know some proper adults get upset when people mention that their childish toy is meant for children but a lot of adults don't want to game outdoors. Most gamers want to play games with high production value on a very powerful machine and not a weak hardware like Nintendo consoles with low production value like Zelda, Mario, xenoblade 2 and some others. Not every game needs the budget of a god of war 4 or the last of us 2 but a lot of people don't want a gaming system limited to only run games with last generation technology.

G3ng4r171d ago

Yeah, we need the best possible graphics. No need to limit the graphics with old tech like amd jaguar the mobile chip. Come to think of it shame sony doesn't go third party for pc. Games could have run 4k/60fps and stable vr a while ago with better specs than anything a trash jaguar could produce. But as is the best alternative for us is to play on pc and rent a few movies so withering technology it is.

FallenAngel1984173d ago

Hybrid consoles still aren’t the future for PlayStation and Xbox. Nintendo had no choice but to make a hybrid since their standard stationary console had dwindling relevance whereas PS & XO still find success as stationary consoles

OmnislashVer36173d ago

No. Just no.

Maybe in 15-20 years.

The 10th Rider172d ago

Yeah, I definitely don't think it's coming soon, but people who don't think it could happen eventually are too stuck in their current way of thinking.

Obviously it's hard to predict where technology is going, but in 15-20 years it's very likely the vast majority of people won't even need a dedicated home computer in their home because their phone will be more than powerful enough. You could just take your phone and dock it at a monitor with a keyboard and mouse and then use it like a computer. When you're done you take your phone with you and you can dock it at a different monitor if you wanted. The docking could possibly even be wireless, so you simply have to set your phone by the monitor.

Gaming could very well work the same way. All consoles could be handheld because you wouldn't need the power of a dedicated gaming box. If they could cut out input lag you could wireless dock your console to any TV and viola.

Again, that's just pure speculation and the development of technology is unpredictable, but hypothetically speaking we should eventually reach a point where having a huge dedicated console sit by your TV is unnecessary.

Muzikguy172d ago

I see where the ideas are coming from. I think that it’s srill asking a lot out of tech and don’t see how having something with dedicated hardware would be outdone by something else. You mention phones yet the iPhone X is already $1000. How much more expensive would those get? In all honesty, I just don’t see it happening.

The 10th Rider172d ago

Oh yeah, I'm talking decades into the future. Sure a dedicated box will always be more powerful, but there will be a point we're that power is really only necessary for rendering and tasks like that.

getbacktogaming172d ago

Yes!!! by then the cloud will be ready! (sarcasm)

porkChop172d ago

They don't need to be portable. However, I would like a balanced system, rather than a GPU-heavy system. A good GPU with a good CPU will let you do far more than a great GPU with a slow CPU.

Gridknac172d ago

I would like to see one of them step off the SoC bus and make a console with a discrete gpu and memory. I'm sure somebody would argue cost, but they could actually do more with less with this type of set-up. They could use last gen tech (like a fx 8370 with a r290x) with 4gb system/8gb video and surpass the xbox and ps4 easily. I think a refresh of this old tech put in a console with low system overhead would be a pretty baddass console @$500.

RevXM172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

They can still use dedicated graphics chip along with the integrated graphics on the cpu. higher cost? yes, but consoles are about selling software and services more so than selling hardware with profit from day one. both ps3 and 360 are good examples of this where the cost of the system was actually more than the asking price.

I doubdt anyone would go crazy like Sony did with ps3, but something more like 360 that doesnt have massive R&D behind it and uses more or less conventional hardware similar to off the shelf PC parts and tech and cost shouldnt be that big of a deal even if each unit is sold at 100-200 dollar loss initially.

A mid to high end ish system with its own quirks and tweaks is not entirely out of question and that is what I hope for with the inevitable PS5.

Either way a stationary system will probably always be more capable to run polished big budget games pushing us forward. Larger chips, and wall power allows for far greater cooling for far more capable hardware, heat and energy consumption is less of an issue as you would only feel a slight hit on your powerbill where as a portable unit would be warm, chunky, loud and run empty fast if it were to have the specs to compete with the latest in stationary tech.

That is not to say systems like the switch arent great, but I dont think it would be wise of Sony to sacrifice the benefits of a proper home console that they are so good at making games for that having ps4's successor be a portable device. surely they could do a portable device as well along the traditional system type, but the ps4 needs a proper home console successor as no portable can truly compare to what a stationary can be or do.

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