PlayStation Plus Subscribers Pass 34.2 Million

Sony provides an update on PlayStatation Plus subscribers, which reached a remarkable 34.2 Million as of March 31st, 2017.

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pyroxxx174d ago

more than MS consoles sold,...

Ron_Danger174d ago

If only those same ps+ subscribers engaged more with their ps4's. It's such an incredible blow to the PlayStation brand name that they're losing to MS in a category that MS created to help people fully understand that selling the worst is actually better than selling the most...

(Do I need the "/s" with this?!)

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darthv72174d ago

And yet... MS has delivered on those promises Mako. Did they not bring more games to PC? also, I guess you don't really understand how business restructure things to keep them fresh. The examples you like to use (such as GFWL) essentially transitioned to what is now on W10. Same with the Xbox marketplace becoming part of the Windows marketplace. They rebrand things more so than close them out. They find ways to keep them going even in light of competition from the likes of Google, Apple, Valve.

MS is about integration, not segregation.

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mikeslemonade173d ago

Psn>xbl and has been for 5 years.

rainslacker173d ago


A transition implies that people's GFWL purchases are migrated over to the new Windows Store. AFAIK, people's purchases are no longer downloadable from MS.

Windows 10 Store is what they started with Metro. They moved their games over to PC to push Live and the Windows store. It wasn't about trying to build PC gaming up they way Steam has done for a while now.

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PapaBop174d ago

Lmfao! But still, you can arguably thank MS for the current state of PS Plus and it's online infrastructure, Xbox was a fair bit ahead of PS in this regard for a lengthy time and was doing well because of it which shown just how important the online was which made Sony up their game. Likewise, PS Plus helped justify the online subscription cost which ultimately lead to GWG.. competition is good!

PSXQ8174d ago

About to say the same 😂👌🏼

Newmanator174d ago

Umm I thought we were in 2018? Proof read people!

AngainorG7X174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Xbox Live active subscribers is at 60 million right now what are you talking about?

Sunny_D174d ago

Lol, you think all those are Gold subscribers? Once again, MS knows how to deceive the consumer with their spin. That number is any "engagement" a consumer has had using the XBL ecosystem which means PC, mobile, or Tablets.

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Mosiac77174d ago

You have to remember that this subscription is between PS3 and PS4 consoles.

Mosiac77174d ago

And? That percentage off Sony console own vs subscription owner is low. They are way below 50%.

trooper_173d ago

Uh...they're still PlayStation consoles.

rainslacker173d ago

I'm Sony would be happy if it was a higher percentage, but consider that if Sony is only making $50 per sub, that's close to $1.8 billion a year in revenue.

Also consider that not everyone cares to play online, or sees value in the free games, or doesn't have the means to sub, and the subscriber number really doesn't mean much except to give investors an idea of how much revenue they get from the service.

I dunno why people try to make a case that PS is somehow less of a console because of the attach rates of different products or services. It's completely stupid and utterly lacking in any original thought or context in the bigger picture of things.

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Crazyglues174d ago

That's Amazing... wow... congrats PlayStation...

RosweeSon174d ago

Gaining 6/7 (nearly 8) million subscribers per year over last 2 years not bad at all. Games are getting much better as well.

bumbleforce174d ago

Didn't Ms release they have 59 million live usera

Sunny_D174d ago

nope, it was a spun up statistic.

Destiny1080174d ago

they have only sold 30 million consoles and live is free on pc

its probably around 8 million gold

Mosiac77174d ago

You are counting Xbox one but you forget that there is a lot of X360 users out there

Mosiac77174d ago

Yes Microsoft announced 59 million users back in January

Gameseeker_Frampt173d ago

Now if they would only release how many of those are Gold accounts vs Silver accounts.

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