Microsoft Says It Isn't Working on the Xbox Career System, but It Should Be

The Xbox "career system" isn't in active development, but it would have modernized engagement on Xbox Live in a way achievements no longer can.

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theXtReMe1173d ago

How about Microsoft go back to what they said they were originally going to do with points and let us trade them in for games and DLC on Xbox Live. Every 500 points equals 1 Xbox Dollar. Meaning, complete a games 1000 achievement points and get $2 towards a purchase on Xbox Live. Every 10 games equal $20. Meaning it would take you 30 games to get a free one at $60, but it is still incentive to keep playing and earning achievements.

Maybe Gold members get 1.5x points.

A rewards system to keep gamers playing and coming back for more. Nearly every business has something like this in place now, it’s a shame that Microsoft and Sony don’t have their own.

Xb1ps4172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Do you think the video game business can sustain that though? Give away more games than they already do?

I’m all for free stuff but at some point we will end up with free phone app kind of games, it has to be a healthy balance of give and take so that you can innovate..

Shoot all I want is to be able to customize my ui completely.. give me games with achievements that unlock icons, themes and dynamic stuff etc.. that will keep me coming back cause imo ps and Xbox ui are lame as hell.

-Foxtrot172d ago

Nintendo could have really used a system like this if they kept their Nintendo Stars system and managed to actually do a good online system.

Complete a Nintendo game and it's achievements...get some Star points towards something in the Nintendo store. Get a pencil case or save those points for that highly detailed Zelda statue.

TheCommentator172d ago

One more indication that MS is shifting it's focus from HW and services as they have been talking about lately.

Kavorklestein172d ago

Fair point.
I believe they have a solid enough platform by now, that Games should And WILL be the focus for a good while going forward.

WilliamSheridan172d ago

They actually haven't been saying that. Purple have said it, but Microsoft never said that

TheCommentator172d ago

See the links posted to jagermaster below... one isn't even a day old and a topic of discussion here at N4G.

WilliamSheridan172d ago

I misunderstood the post. Yes, they are trying for exclusives

Smokehouse172d ago

Enough with the systems. I’m glad this isn’t their focus. It could be interesting but they shouldn't be worried about that right now.