Nintendo announces E3 2018 video presentation for June 12, Treehouse Live to return

Nintendo will host its E3 2018 video presentation on June 12, the company has announced.

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MVGeneral227d ago

Why doesn't Nintendo show up and do live presentations like their counter parts. They clearly try to save every penny they can. Money hungry mongrels.

Razmiran227d ago

Because doing a big bombastic presentation in which executives talks numbers is boring, granted sony stoped doing it but microsoft keeps going at it adding cars on stage to the mix

Vegamyster227d ago

I would like them too but it's hardly something to be angry about, their presentation format is good & they're still at E3, never mind the three day live stream showing off games and new announcements.

TekoIie227d ago

Because it's become unnecessary seeing as they can still win the show like last year without one.

Monster_Tard226d ago

Do you really prefer watching people in suits blabber on while overly using hand gestures for 5-10 minutes before presenting the games?

wonderfulmonkeyman226d ago

Dude, you DO REALIZE that Treehouse Live is done ON SITE, right?
You know, AT E3?
Plus Nintendo has TONS of booths there for people to experience the stuff they've talked about.

Saying they "don't show up" just because they don't prance around on one stage is just ignorance, at best.XD

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Wrex369227d ago

Looking forward to it 👌

BadElf227d ago

Is it a NEW Smash? Zack and Wiki 2? Open world Metroid? Mario Strikers 3?

deafdani227d ago

Yes, not gonna happen, maybe, YES PLEASE.

Nebaku227d ago

Open world Metroid is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard.

Razmiran227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Why? Worked for zelda
If done correctly it could work

Nebaku226d ago

@Razmiran Because linear, enclosed spaces, is literally what makes Metroid work. Look at the reception to other similar series that tried to go more open, like Resident Evil and 6, or MGS5.

Also, "if done correctly" is a BS defense of an idea. If it can actually work, explain what 'correct" is, rather than promoting this silly idea that every series ever would be better open world.

wonderfulmonkeyman226d ago

Yeah, but Zelda has its ROOTS in open-world form.
The first Zelda was basically the START of that genre, albeit with a slight bit of linearity tied to the items you had.
Metroid? Not really as much.

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SuperSaiyanGod41227d ago

This will be the best e3 because we know Nintendo and Sony will bring it but i think Microsoft might just make some noise too. Should be one of the best e3's in a while.

SockeyBoy227d ago

Prefer the videos. Can't stand the live stage acting and awkwardness from the others. Just show me some games 😀

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