God Of War 1.15 Update Introduces UI Fixes, Other Improvements

Another God Of War update has been released today, introducing some UI fixes and other unspecified improvements

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Jinger173d ago

there has been an update every single day it seems

Eonjay173d ago

Its very impressive how fast they can respond to feedback.

Dark_Knightmare2173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I don’t even know what they are for because in 21 hours I haven’t ran into one bug or glitch buts it’s nice to see them on top of things so quick

Vizigoth04173d ago

The only thing glitchy that has happened to me only twice is when I had died it just stayed there awkwardly I had to manually restart from checkpoint. Other than that no issues.

Jinger173d ago

I have ran into a couple bugs with not being able to climb back up a chain after climbing down.

himdeel173d ago

My only glitch is I don't have time to play the game.

cell989172d ago

One small glitch I encountered once was Atreus not wanting to read a stone crypt. He just froze. I had to get on the boat and go back to the stone and press square again and it worked. Besides that, flawless experience

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Xb1ps4173d ago

I would much prefer this over trying to fix a gig of stuff in one shot simply because it takes no time to download, for me anyway

Legatus173d ago

That just shows how Sony first party studios are passionate and dedicated about games. Keep up the amazing work SSM.

Jinger173d ago

Yes, because no one else updates their games lol

ziggurcat172d ago


I don't recall anyone here saying they don't. the fact that they have been continually updating/tweaking the game post-launch shows that they actually care about the product they've released, and I would rather see a continual stream of updates than having to wait 6 months for them to fix any of the issues in the game.

Legatus172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

"Yes, because no one else updates their games lol"

Where did i say in my comment that other developers don't update and improve their games ??? I just commended Sony first party studios for their passion about games and they are passionate. It's just that you xbox fanboys are always salty about anything pro Sony/PS4. I see you are working overtime in downplaying masterpiece that is GoW. Keep up the good work, keep salty, keep xbot.

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Knushwood Butt173d ago

Loving the game, but at which point does increasing the font size become noticable to the human eye? Just nudged it up to 2.0 and.... I can't tell the difference.

Xb1ps4173d ago

Yea... bump that all the way up to 10... It's not a huge difference but it's better

Knushwood Butt173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


In which case, I wonder what the point of the granular settings are.

Anyway, just to clarify, I'm loving the game.

Xb1ps4172d ago

Granular gives it that grainy look.. I'm not a fan of it much I set mine to 7 but you won't notice it much either.. both those setti g don't do much and I'm on a LG oled

rainslacker172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

I tried that last night, and it only seemed to do something for the main menu stuff. The text describing everything or within the journal seemed unaffected.

Germ_the_Nobody173d ago

Both articles on this site about the updates are absolutely useless. "There was a patch. It did something."

Xb1ps4173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Lol... so true!

DivineAssault 173d ago

This game was legendary... These updates are numerous but you never know what people will get stuck on.. I know i got autosaved in poison with low health but it got fixed thankfully.. I wish there was more for me to do.. I never buy DLC but if they make it, im in...

Xb1ps4173d ago

I don't buy dlc but I hope they do make it cause I'm all in too.

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