Changing Face of Gaming Debunks Long Held Stereotypes

Today’s gamer is not the stereotypical loner playing in his parents’ basement. She’s a coworker with two kids, the guy next to you at the gym, a fellow volunteer.

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FallenAngel1984268d ago

Hasn’t this been debunked decades ago

At this point it’s just hilarious to see anyone think this stereotype holds any merit.

Eonjay267d ago

My mother and my sister both play videogames.

winter_hill267d ago

On facebook or their cellphones?

Gamist2dot0267d ago

The stereotype is still there when you walk into a game store or even the perpetual stereotype on YouTube. Let's not forget in movies as well unfortunately. The problem is that when we see someone attractive and fit making a YouTube on video games, they are deemed as a non gamer and just doing it to show off their face/body.

I find myself defending the game industry whenever I meet non gamers. The good news is that I got them to change their views on video games with facts.

Because of the way the media continues to portray gamers and video games a a bad hobby or a scapegoat to solve a horrific disaster, the stereotype will continue, unfortunately. One step at a time I guess.

bigmalky267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Please delete

bigmalky267d ago

Yesterday's gamers were not the stereotype either.

Most people in school in the late 80s and 90s had a computer or console, from the actual intelligent, nerdy guys to the sporty types, half the girls and even some of the teachers. My Mum was top scorer on Tetris, a whizz at Super Mario 3 and my sister would nip in for a game of Secret of Mana, or to help with riddles and puzzles in games that had them.

The only people who think we are a stereotype, are those who don't game.

mafiahajeri267d ago

LMAO my mom was so good at Tetris made me look like a noob xD

quent267d ago

Same, also with that weird puzzle game where you're an orange ball and had to throw blocks of the same type into each other, was on the famicom on my 24 in 1 cartn can't remember the name

bigmalky267d ago

I remember opening my Gameboy for my birthday, and I already had a high score to beat with 'MUM' next to it.

She claims she had to test it to see if it was working, but she'd have been playing for hours to get that score haha.

MrBrofist267d ago

My mom made it to the glitch level in Duck Hunt

mafiahajeri267d ago

Man thats crazy my mom would play for hours too, on the gameboy. Hopefully your mom plays till she's a 100 :)