Zelda: Breath of the Wild becomes the best-selling Zelda game ever

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has reached a major milestone. Based on the latest information provided within Nintendo’s financial results, it’s now the best-selling entry ever.

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submarinna227d ago

it's a great game...overhyped yes but great.

Neonridr227d ago

overhyped by who though? Those who have actually played it and agree it's a great game?

Heelix227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Everything is considered overhyped unless it's on a preferred platform.

At least, that's what I've noticed on the site thus far.

Kosic227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

I played it and thought it was a forgetable experience.
My length in the game was about 20-22 hours. Rushed the storyline towards the end. Just wanted the experience over and done with.

Edit; Zelda's voice was so annoying it made me want to punch a baby!

Neonridr227d ago

@Kosic - you are in a very small minority of people who actually beat the game and said they didn't enjoy it.

I have logged nearly 100 hours in the game and still have yet to venture inside Ganon's castle. Too much to see around the world. Plus I was working on the Trials DLC as well.

Bahamut227d ago (Edited 227d ago )


Your sense of humor says a lot about your maturity. Of course you wouldn't like a masterpiece like this game, such art is wasted on people like you. Go play another shooter.

Eiyuuou227d ago

No. Those who have played it and consider it the second coming of Jesus Christ.

submarinna227d ago

@heelix, you must be new to this site then Bob.

Rippcity227d ago

@Neon How the hell have you put 100 hours into the game and still haven't "seen" everything? What is there even left to see? Another dumb korok seed puzzle? Another shrine? The game is one giant checklist! Not to mention the dungeons were a complete joke. And it took me all of 10 minutes to get through Ganon's castle and 1 try to beat him. The most forgettable Zelda experience I've ever had. Maybe @Kosic and I are in the minority, but a good chunk of the majority are Nintendo fanboys clinging to any nostalgia they can find to justify it being a good game. I've played almost every Zelda game since the NES and this is the first time I've ever felt truly let down about a Zelda title.

pramath1605227d ago

@Rippcity OR, and stay with me here, because what I'm about to suggest is going to blow your mind- people have different opinions than you.

And lol at the "Nintendo fanboys nostalgia" argument. Is that also an argument you use for God of War fans?

Rippcity227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

@pramath I am not suggesting that people cannot have differing opinions than myself. What I am suggesting is that the reason why the majority claim BotW is a good game is because of nostalgia (it being a Zelda title). Nintendo games in general are held to their own standard outside of what all other games are judged upon because of the nostalgia surrounding them. And I'm sorry but that is a valid argument when it comes to Zelda. God of War as a franchise hasn't existed nearly as long so nostalgia isn't as present as it is with Zelda. If BotW released with any other name besides Zelda, it would have been trashed up and down by reviewers.

Edit: And just to clarify, I have never played a God of War game before and have no intention of playing the new one.

gangsta_red226d ago


"Everything is considered overhyped unless it's on a preferred platform."

well said

mikeslemonade226d ago

It's an overrated zelda game. Just too much walking and climbing. The loot sucks. The enemies suck. The dungeons are average. The puzzles are average. And they take away the good paced dungeons that we seen before in other zeldas.

babadivad226d ago

It can be a great game AND over-hyped. Those two aren't mutually exclusive.

mikeslemonade226d ago

People seem to think overrated means zelda is not enjoyable or good game. Zelda is a top 6 game in this generation. I enjoyed it but it's overrated if you think Zelda is the best game this generation.

Vegamyster226d ago


ToZ: Triforce Heroes didn't get special treatment, neither did Star Fox Zero, the last two Paper Mario games, Metroid Prime: Federation Force ect, never mind Botw was the least Zelda game in the series & had people like Angry Joe who never played a Zelda game before love it, nostalgia is a over used argument.

Imalwaysright226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

He is only saying because it's not a Sony game and it still is is rated higher than any Sony game from this generation.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx227d ago

The gameplay was good not great and the boss battles weren't the best but the world was on another level from anything I've seen before in a game.

For me it was more about discovery.

Kosic227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Seems my only way to reply to Bahamut is to reply under your comment settirip.

@Bahamut, funny that you say this piece of art is wasted on me and I should go play another shooter game. I don't quite enjoy shooters as much as RPGS, Dungeon crawlers and serious toned thriller games (heavy rain and the Yakuza series for example).

I could write a list of what bugged me about The Legend or Zelda; mountain climber simulator, but it would just be ignored by the silly game defenders like yourself who can't accept anyone else's opinion if it's remotely negative.

Just shows your own maturity if you can only accept your own opinion and no one else's...

narsaku226d ago

The game play was amazing. Freedom, open, control, dozens of ways to approach every fight, fun. Something all modern games should strive to be.

I really don't know what people expected from the boss battles, I only played a few Zelda games in the past, but they all seemed pretty simple/easy to me.

It's like the moment DS/BB dropped, all games aren't allowed to be anything but 30+ wipe simulators now. Zelda, as far as I know, has never been about boss fights. They're just a thing that happens in each game.

Septic227d ago

We'll deserved. Incredible game 😊

Bahamut227d ago

Wait. We all deserved what?
"We all deserved. Incredible game. Smiley face."

Ah, so you're saying we all deserved an incredible game.
I don't know man, I don't feel like we should be so entitled, you know?
Like, what have we done to deserve an incredible game? You know?

bigmalky227d ago

Actually, it's 'we will', not 'we all'...

Be careful about correcting someone if you miss the mark.

quent227d ago

You're rambling, I think you need a firmware update

xXxSeTTriPxXx226d ago

@narsaku sorry but boss battles has always been a very important part of Zelda, for one they were puzzles in them selves it tested how well you knew the games mechanics.
All the gear you collect weren't just keys to past dungeons they were also the key to beating bosses.

And Zelda boss fights always had an epic fill to them.the bosses in botw were just plain horrible by any game standards.

Rimeskeem227d ago

I still think Mario should have won GOTY. That’s or Horizon. Maybe Persona.... idk too many good games that year.

Neonridr227d ago

agreed, any of the games you mentioned were worthy. I am not a Persona fan, but I have heard great things about that series. But the other three were fantastic.

Concertoine227d ago

I think Mario's solid but too many repetitive moons. At least with zelda you have a decent variety different shrines.

As a side note... wheres EDMIX who said this day would never come and that Zelda wouldnt keep selling?

Rimeskeem226d ago

I see your point, though i still think Mario is generally a better game.

G3ng4r227d ago

I think smo is better than botw for sure. It's the more polished and refined game. Much shorter though. I didn't even like botw all that much to start with but hyrule itself changed that. Shrines aren't my favorite but if you look at a map they are everywhere. So are enemy camps, minibosses and other things to interact with. Say you find a rock formation but there's a rock missing. The rock is on top of a hill so you fit it into said formation and are rewarded for it. Bits like that and the overall density of hyrule (along with other things like superior physics, gameplay and combat) are why hzd is strictly worse. Hzd was solid, not a masterpiece.

Persona and smt in general are great games, big fan myself, but a niche rpg was never winning goty.

solideagle227d ago

Not sure how much horizon sold. I hope horizon lifetime is 10 million and same for gow

narsaku226d ago

Horizon Zero dawn is a feminist Zelda knockoff that played desperately against BOTW as Sony's, "Zelda experience".

Nothing about it should have been GOTY besides it's graphics.

G3ng4r226d ago

Which seems to be 90% of the focus there. Empty world and bland main character but it looks good right?

Imalwaysright226d ago

To me only Persona 5 was on the same level.

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TallonIV227d ago

No surprise here, fantastic game.. now where's my SS:HD Nintendo!

Moonman227d ago

I love this game and will play it forever! Classic already!!!! 10/10