Red Dead Redemption 2’s Story Campaign Is "Safe" From Online Success

RDR2 writes "One of the most frequent fears players have is that the single-player mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, and the game’s storyline, will be less developed and rounded out than what we’re expecting, because the budget will be focused on Red Dead Online, the game’s multiplayer mode.

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FallenAngel1984268d ago

I’m more concerned with why we haven’t heard about any other new games from such a major publisher than how the campaign mode will be in their only announced new title.

Five years into the generation and all Rockstar has to show is only one new title? No other publisher could get away with such a thing.

porkChop268d ago

GTA V apparently took more than 1,000 developers to finish it. That's pretty much all of Rockstar's studios and more.

It seems like their games have gotten to such a scope that they don't have the manpower to do anything else. I mean GTA Online had enough content to be considered a separate product from GTA V. They're essentially developing two games at a time.

It is ridiculous though. They need to hire more devs and go back to working on more than 1 project at a time.

Eldyraen267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

No other developer/publisher has a single game in a franchise (gta v) inching towards a possible 100M lifetime sales either, so they’re not too worried. It is still in top 10 NPD month to month after all. It’s rumored to have made over $6B on its own, between sales and MT for online components.

So some of the Team has worked on gta 5 still while most are on RDR2, and possibly other projects as they’re an extremely quiet company in general. Every one of their games have just grown as well so rdr2 should be a huge step up from 1 and GTA6 will have a huge budget that is probably scary—with expectations that will be near impossible to match.

Christopher267d ago

No to dimish what GTAV is doing, but World of Warcraft and Wii Sports are just two that have sold more.

Eldyraen266d ago

WoW, with expansions maybe, but not just the original game. Wii Sports was bundled a ton so don’t count that myself.

I’m sure blizzard has made more though simply because it’s been out longer and has a subscription and other monetized systems as well now. Neither were disappointed by performance but still not GTA V as a single base product paid for on its own, as far as i know.

Gamist2dot0267d ago

But it's Rockstar. You know, quality. Like the old Blizzard where they won't release a title unless it done right. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a remaster of RDR for all platforms since they were looking for programmers awhile back.

mocaak267d ago

Yes, but prior to GTA V's release Rockstar has been releasing at least one game each year. Now, for the past 5 years all we had is GTA V.

Skankinruby267d ago

They have absolutely zero incentive to push a new title. GTA 5 could drag into the gen after this and it would still outsell everything that comes next.

KwietStorm267d ago

While you're not exactly wrong, GTA V is still in the global top 10 sellers list for March 2018. So they aren't exactly pressed to release much of anything.

mafiahajeri267d ago

I want a new Max Payne and a new Manhunt or Bully BUT I'm thinking the online portions of both GTA V and RDR2 are making up for their absences financially which is sad...

mandingo267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

CD Projekt Red

FloydianAndroid267d ago

Because people keep buying GTA5 which makes it pointless to worry about new games. I would love bully sequel personally more than the next GTA.

3-4-5267d ago

What do you think E3 is for ?

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TocaCannaBowl267d ago

fuck rockstar money hungry greedy fucks kept pushing u buying shark cards always fucking online updates not a single fucking single player dlc fuck you rockstar

Araragifeels 267d ago

Don't blame Rockstar, blame the publisher Take2. T2 were the one who push Rockstar to focus on GTA Online and Shark Cards.

Skankinruby267d ago

Lol blame the gaming society they're the ones who continue to support it

kitano1947267d ago

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TocaCannaBowl266d ago

you just confirmed that u stalked me yet you say no one cares what I have to say hmmm.. .... ok then... moving on...

TocaCannaBowl267d ago

fuck rockstar money hungry greedy fucks kept pushing u buying shark cards always fucking online updates not a single fucking single player dlc fuck you rockstar

EazyC267d ago

I like how you ended it like you began, like a rap verse

Einhander1971267d ago

If this has a great single player campaign then I’m in. If it’s just tacked on for the sake of it forget it.

JackBNimble267d ago

When have they ever just tacked on single player?
Even if you want to say they focused only on the online side of the game, the single player game was still huge. Bigger then most single player games.

TocaCannaBowl267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

don't get me wrong the single player was great that's why I mentioned dlc online sucks tho sure u don't have to play it if u don't like it but the people that keep playing it is the reason we never got dlc for campaign

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