Rumour: Fortnite Switch Port Being Prepared For E3 2018 Reveal

Nintendo Insider writes:

Rumours have once again started to swirl that Epic Games is porting Fortnite to Nintendo Switch, with the reveal expected to be shared in the Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2018 presentation.

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Mystogan229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I'm literally waiting for the Switch port to play Fortnight. I can play it on my Xbox or PC but not interested. I think it will be a good game for my Switch.

Moonman229d ago

I can't wait for E3!!! haha

Uken12229d ago

I have it on ps4. I would suggest just downloading it to play a bit and play on Switch also. I know I will.

Uken12229d ago

Also can you imagine how much money they would have to print if the had Exclusive Nintendo Outfits?!

3-4-5229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I refuse to play Fornite until they let me choose a character. I'm a guy....why do they randomly assign a female character to me?

I wouldn't complain but there are male characters in game....just let me pick.

such a dumb little thing is keeping me from playing this....well not just that, but yea that is the main thing.

these BR games get old kind of fast after a few rounds.

For some reason I'd want to play it more on the Swtich though...something about it makes me want to play all my games on it.

Goldby229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

if not being able to choose a character for a game that you dont carry over progression or anything is stoppign you from playing a game.... you may have bigger fish to worry about

Uken12229d ago

Dude just link a Twitch Prime account and you get the BeachHead(From GI Joe) Outfit. It's a dude.

-I actually think the females are a better design and smaller target. So I always play as a female.

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paintedgamer1984229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Perfect game to run on the switch just not too sure how well the online will work.

Sirk7x229d ago

It's running on mobile, so probably pretty well. Epic are experts at their engine.

Goldby229d ago

except when it came to paragon

Razmiran229d ago

The problem with paragon was not the engine

Davidgr2229d ago

True but iPhone X has a better processor than Switch and still struggles. The Switch version will run at 720p or lower at 30fps

Aenea229d ago

When at home it will use your own normal internet connection, when on the go it can use WiFi hotspots and you can set up your phone to be a hotspot. If it can run on your phone reliably this should not be a problem...

PhantomS42229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

God, I hope it's not in the spotlight, that would be such a waste of minutes when they could be showing something good.

Prince_TFK229d ago

If this is true then most of my gaming time will be devoted to this. Fortnite on the Switch would be very awesome.

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