Official Release Trailer and images for Bullet Witch

Bullet witch releases today, and so adds another shootem up. Which is always fun! here are a few images as well as the official launch trailer for Bullet Witch. Have fun today guys, should be a fun game to just get away for an hour or two! For you that are interested in picking this up, here are some Key features it has: This Is My Broomstick - Alicia's gunrod can transform on the fly into four different weapons, each of which can be enchanted for extra punch and special perks. Mow down enemies to charge her magic meter then can call down thunderbolts, tornadoes and even meteors to blast the rest of them to kingdom come. Few gaming heroines have ever wielded as much raw power as Alicia at her peak. The Path Of Destruction - Nothing is safe from Alicia's wrath, least of all the environment around her. Hermagic can tear the roofs off of buildings, ignite an entire gas station, or level towers. If any enemies survive, use her telekinesis on the rubble to throw it at

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CrimsonWing691085d ago

I know I’m the only person in the world that will say this but I liked this game. Now, I’m not going to lie to myself and say it was a good game but For it’s time and the concepts it tried to push out I think it was really interesting and I wish someone would give it one more chance.

SarcasticDuck1084d ago

i watched a 10 minute gameplay video and seems pretty boring

Godmars2901085d ago

Given how its reviewing today, seems that a full remake rather than a remaster is in order.

spicelicka1084d ago

Did anyone ask for this re-release?? This is so random