Rumor: Pokemon Nintendo Switch Release News: Big Update Coming This Month?

Express UK writes: "Big Pokemon release news could be announced before the end of April, if past Nintendo Switch games announcements are anything to go by."

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Moonman174d ago

This isn't about a Nintendo Direct. An investors meeting is scheduled for tomorrow April 26th. We might get some Pokemon information if only a release date confirmation for 2018. But something hopefully...

JaguarEvolved174d ago

Lol. While other companies have new games releasing constantly and there is a roadmap of when games will be released, Nintendo fans only have rumours and speculation about games because Nintendo barely has games or announcements

Neonridr174d ago

Pokemon is a huge series, if you haven't guessed already. So many people are eager to learn about the Switch game that is coming. Are you high or something? Yes, Nintendo has barely any games.. No they didn't release a bunch last year that all went on to sell millions each.

Moonman174d ago

Was your comment really necessary when every game company will have endless rumors leading up to E3 2018? lol Don't worry about Nintendo fans, we're good! lol

JaguarEvolved174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

I'm a Nintendo fan but not a Nintendo fanatic like some freaks. Some of you lot would say games like xenoblade 2 is a masterpiece when it's not. You can like the game and appreciate a lot of things about it but it isn't great. Nintendo doesn't have a lot of great games or much going for it atm but fanatics will tell you otherwise like there are great games about to be released when there is zero evidence of proof. A screenshot of the name of a game will have nintendo fanatics saying game of the generation. Also Nintendo never goes on stage at e3 because they barely have anything to show but fanatics surely will say Nintendo had the best e3 press conference when they didnt even show up

Moonman174d ago

How did this Pokemon rumor article get turned into a "Nintendo fans are freaks, Xenoblade????". Calm down. Nintendo revealed Super Smash Bros. before E3 and I think that was a warning shot. They obviously have more to show if a huge game like that was revealed in a Direct. In terms of exclusives, what has Sony or MS revealed this year that is even bigger than Super Smash Bros.? Nothing yet.

G3ng4r173d ago

Guess it's that or see the same few games at three or four e3's and pax's in a row and being hopeful they release some day. Or looking forward to something like detroit for a few years only for it to be mediocre. Or waiting ten years for a final fantasy. Or placing all of your self worth on something as unsure as death stranding.

Fanboys can rejoice that GoW hit before any other massive game this year but that's the first and last time a ps4 exclusive finds that sort of critical success. Crying for nintendo fans waiting on things like smash, pokemon and an e3 full of announcements of games coming this year is a waste.

Prince_TFK173d ago

Since the beginning of the year Nintendo has had multiple Direct shows while “other companies” had zero. And why did you say that this is a rumor? Pokemon is already confirmed for the Switch.

As this point you are even worse than Lime123.

wonderfulmonkeyman173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

First you make fun of Nintendo fans, then you say you ARE a Nintendo fan, while at the same time claiming Nintendo "barely has any games", which any actual fan of Nintendo knows is completely false rhetoric.

You sound more like a fake fan. Actual fans are capable of criticism, without going into bull**** territory like claiming Nintendo "has no games" like you just did.XD

There are rumors about other hit none-Nintendo games out there constantly, yet you ignore this because it fits your "no games" statement.
Oh, and btw, Xenoblade 2, the game you claimed "isn't a masterpiece", just became the best-selling game in Monolith's Xeno series history, and it's got plenty of high-scoring rave reviews backing it up.
It's got some flaws, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming an extremely well-loved and highly-rated game that MANY consider a masterpiece for its music and story alone, so keep on pretending that Nintendo's got nothing of interest going. You're only fooling yourself.

Real fans know Nintendo's got a LOT going for them right now, and E3's pretty much going to be a guaranteed success with Smash showing up in the first place, much to your dismay.:P

G3ng4r173d ago

Smash was a warning shot. Nintendo is done effing around.

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roadkillers173d ago

Yeah, this is Nintendo's biggest IP without a doubt. Mario is iconic and Link is legendary, but Pokemon brings in all sorts of money. They have the games, movies, tv shows, cards, toys, etc. I can't imagine the cost of a top down game to be too expensive either. When this releases it will be big for them, if they do it correctly and make it 3D it will be big for me as well! Can't wait, Hype!

Prince_TFK173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I hope we’ll see something soon.