RPGs that got left in the past that need a comeback

Growing up and being an 80's kid I was able to experience the games industry pretty much in its entirety. Lately, we've been seeing more and more remakes of older games, so that got me thinking, what were some games that I loved playing that they just never revisited with current gen consoles? I spent countless hours collecting characters and items in all of these games. The SNES and the PS1 were probably the golden years of RPGs. We would get a lot more JRPGs sent over, and I feel like the genre just isn't as strong as it once was. I've always loved RPGs specifically, that being said here are some that I loved that I wish they would remake and bring back into the current gen. What games would you want to see remade?

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NXLGaming175d ago

with so many games being remade, what RPG would you like to see make a comeback?

darthv72175d ago

The full trio of shining force 3 all on one disc would be nice.

NXLGaming174d ago

pretty sure they could make that happen now a days

Kostche174d ago

i also like shinning in darkness

Obscure_Observer174d ago

I would love to see Sony bring a new The Legend of Dragoon.

NXLGaming174d ago

you and us both. and i'm sure a bunch of other people feel the same way

Shiken174d ago

Chrono Trigger/Cross continuation will always be at the top of my wish list...

174d ago
zekk174d ago

Suikoden, legend or dragoon, shadow hearts, and tactics ogre are ones I'd love to see. Suikoden I doubt considering the current Konami, and no clue who owns shadow hearts these days. So I guess legend of Dragoon and possibly the ogre series have the best chance....maybe?

rainslacker174d ago

I'd agree with your list, as well as most of the others being posted here.

but I'm going to add Arc the Lad. Not in the vein of the post trilogy crap, but like the originals where they were actually entertaining and with a deep story.

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-Foxtrot175d ago


It has to be Sony's next Remake, I mean the thing is about the PlayStation is that they have all these different genres with their first party games but a traditional JRPG game like the old school Final Fantasy games hardly exist. I just don't see how Sony don't have at least one first party studio working on a AAA JRPG game.

I'd like to see them take something like the Legend of Dragoon and make it their Final Fantasy or even a brand new it where every game is different with a brand new cast of characters in it's own world.

NXLGaming175d ago

yeah that would be awesome but haven't really seen a focus on anything related sadly

rainslacker174d ago

I've noticed over the years that its Sony's western studios which seem to be delivering more of their high profile games. Japan Studios....who made most of their JRPG's back in the day, really don't get more than mid-tier stuff. Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush, Everybody's Golf, and eventually TLG. With the exception of TLG, it's all been mid-tier stuff.

Used to be Japan Studios actually released some of their best games.....which they still make really good games, just they've taken a back seat.

snowb420175d ago

Surprised no one has mentioned Chrono Trigger. Square NEEDS to bring it back.

NXLGaming175d ago

a square classic! there are just soo many you could realistically bring back

Runechaz174d ago

Lufia series, Shining Force, Phantasy Star,Grandia, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Dragon Force, Skies of Arcadia

NXLGaming174d ago

phantasy star was always a favourite of mine too!

Kostche174d ago

skies of arcadia is great game/pso on my dreamcast oh the memories :D did u ever play shinning in darkness? loved that game also

rainslacker174d ago

DIdn't they do a Phantasy Star more recently? At least last gen. It wasn't like the original games....more like the direction the Online game had.

Runechaz173d ago

Phantasy star online is not a true Phantasy star

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