The Road to E3 2018: Smash Bros., Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and the Rest of Nintendo’s Surprises

Warp Zoned writes:

"The 2018 E3 Expo begins in exactly 49 days… so let the speculation begin! Today, we’re peering into our crystal ball at what Nintendo might have in store for gaming’s biggest showcase."

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michellelynn0976177d ago

Nintendo is gonna own E3 this year.

OnDec76177d ago

Metroid Prime 4 CGI trailer and the bomb will drop on E3

DJK1NG_Gaming177d ago

Nintendo doesn't use CGI trailers. Too show of their games.

gleepot177d ago

but... every smash reveal was cgi

DJK1NG_Gaming177d ago

To show off their games.
Not reveal their games.
All Smash Trailers starts with CGI then Gameplay.

Nintendo don't just show CGI then they done unless it's a teaser.

leahcim177d ago

Really do not understand the hype for Metroid 4 I love the saga but fans rarelly support it as it deserves! look at the sales of each entry none of them surpass 3 millions. I really hope this entry surpass by far this milestone then we can have more sequels soon.

Zeldafan64177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I seriously doubt Pokemon will come out this year. Smash is the big holiday title for Nintendo this year. I figure we'll probably get a trailer for Pokemon at e3 with a spring 2019 release.

DJK1NG_Gaming177d ago

It doesn't matter if Smash is the big title. That not how Nintendo does thing.
Super Smash Bros. is not their Holiday title. Otherwsie they would have already listed it as Holiday 2018.
Nintendo doesn't care if their games overlap each others.
Fire Emblem Warriors came a week before Mario.

From September - December they can release Pokemon in November.
Smash Bros will come near the Online Service in September.

Zeldafan64176d ago

Smash Bros. will lose A LOT of sales if it comes out anywhere near Pokemon.

DJK1NG_Gaming176d ago

No. People are going to buy both. Totally difference audience and fanbase.