The remaster of “Bullet Witch” launches for PC today via Steam and the Humble Store

Marvelous Europe, in partnership with XSEED Games the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today announces that the remaster of the Xbox 360 cult favourite, Bullet Witch, will be available from 6pm BST / 10am PDT today on Windows PC.

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PFFT1246d ago

I loved Bulletwitch! It was quite underrated.

TGG_overlord1246d ago

I've been playing the game for the last two days, and I think that it's rather good (I'm going to sort out a video + review shortly).

galmi1246d ago

enjoyed it thoroughly

DaFeelz1246d ago

Awww man! Put it on the X please! My guilty pleasure. I got 100% on 360. Would do it again

TGG_overlord1246d ago

I'm honestly surprised that MS hasn't done that just yet.

Aaroncls71246d ago

Bayonetta's low budget cousin.
Look alright, gonna give it a shot.

TGG_overlord1246d ago

"Bayonetta's low budget cousin."

- That's another way to put it :P Sure, knock yourself out ;)