Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams (Exclusive PS3 teaser)

N4G member "thewho" just finished the PS3 version of Bioshock and once unlocked, in the extras menu, there is a 15 second trailer for the sequel.

Confirmed title is Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. The trailer shows a grown up little sister holding a big daddy plush toy, while buildings in the form of Rapture rise from the sand. It's set on the Atlantic Coast.


had a few people asking about how i got the trailer;
i got the game on wednesday night, finished it on thursday afternoon. was around 8 hours (i think) playtime on medium.
i didn't play the game on pc/360 so i thought the ps3 version was pretty cool. had a fair bit of graphical problems (lots of low res textures and frame rate dropping to ~5-10 a few times and the really annoying white borders in some scenes), but apart from a few things the game is pretty awesome and highly recommended if you haven't already played it on pc360. the graphical things should be fixed up in the patch.


(i would have posted this on neogaf first, but like many others ive been stuck in the fucking pending membership for 9 months).

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4572d ago

Another AAA title on the Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4572d ago

'Confirmed title is Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams and the trailer shows a grown up little sister holding a big SACK-BOY plush toy'

Harry Flopper4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Bioshock 2 multiplatform release confirmed,xbot tears confirmed as well

Pain4572d ago

maybe it wont be such a Crappy port now that there is a PS3 version in the works ^^

CliffyBee4572d ago

EPIC tears from me :( WTF am I doing at M$.

Please my xbot friends, dont cry at the fact that this game could be a PS3 exclusive! You can still have my games - Gears of Whore 1 and Tears of Snore 1.2.

*goes back to masturbating over MGS4*

sit down droid4572d ago

rofl!!!!?!?!?!!?!!one!!?!!? lol

pixelsword4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

...if the PS3 isn't the lead platform and if they don't put the cell processor to work on the second one, I don't think I'll buy the sequel. I don't reward the hand-me-down treatment with a purchase. By hand-me-down, I mean everyone by now knows that games that lead on the PS3 will be the better product for both consoles overall, so devs need to get on the same page about that fact.

It seems like they are truly trying, so I'll buy I'll buy the first one, but AFTER the patch, not a moment before.

There will be no "fool me twice" over here, because I won't allow the first time. I may joke about spin and fanboy hype, but I don't for a second drink fanboy Kool-Aid.

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The Killer4572d ago

u just took my identity!!!

but i guess its ok, since the internet is lacking with sackboy picture due to the high demand for them, so it wouldnt surprise me to see the people have similar avatars :)

SackBoy is a celebrity now!!

CloudsEnd4572d ago

U took my indendity!
But yeah, the Internet needs moar Sackboys!

I guess this is real. Please someone with a okay Camera record it. Lol.
I wouldve done already but im in europe and dont have bioshock atm.
I wouldve rushed the game in couple of hours... i did so in the Xb360 version, beat it 4 times in a row lol.
Nevermind its a great game and i cant miss the experiance on the PS3 of this masterpiece!
Makes me happy to buy one copy of the new game for my PS3.

Jamegohanssj54572d ago

I don't understand how it could be fake. I mean he posted pictures, so that should be enough.


Jamegohanssj54572d ago

Lol very funny Pirate.


SullyDrake4572d ago

This is something I'd have rather discovered myself but hey, great news nonetheless.

PopEmUp4572d ago

how does a M$ logo be on PS3 lol

vhero4572d ago

2K forums have confirmed this is REAL its all over their forums just goto the forums if you don't believe.

sonarus4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

This just confirms bioshock 2 for ps3. This marks another one of the great franchises which started life on the 360 but are now coming to the ps3:D

Mass effect 2 is next:D

vickers5004572d ago

Oh hell yeah, this just made my day. The sequel to one of the greatest games of all time!

chaosatom4571d ago


Pog, you were wrong.

NDN_Shadow4571d ago

Didn't realize N4G had such big influence.

They were also quoting their source as this article too....

SkyGamer4571d ago

If this is true, then congratulations! I will probably be getting this game for pc as I can break in my new gpu!

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Ed.
Asus M2n-Sli
GeForce 9800GTX
8GB OCZ Sli PC6400 Dual Channel
Apevia Sli Ready 600 Watt PSU Darkside
500GB 16MB Cache HDD SATA

Bunch of other silly stuff.

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Forbidden_Darkness4572d ago

Something screams fake? Idk though, good fake if it is fake that is.

PirateThom4572d ago

Yeah, something doesn't sit right.

One of the biggest new IPs this gen has its sequel announced through a year old port? I dunno.

steve30x4572d ago

Yeah and the video is fake too LOL

rogimusprime4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

"Waaaaaah IT HAS TO BE FAKE...its supposed to come out on XBOX FIRST...THEN PS3"

"were supposed to take THEIR exclusives....not the other way around....WAAAAAAAAAH!"

mfwahwah4572d ago

Do you people really think that dozens of videos, and even more eye witness accounts adds up to a fake?

I can be as skeptical as the next guy, but this is a safe bet.

Premonition4572d ago

Stop saying its fake, the only fake thing here are you people, what more proof do you want, you think this is photoshopped? cause I would loveeeeeeeeee to see someone do that.

PirateThom4572d ago

It was 6 hours ago when this was all we had, but I retract my scepticism! :P

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Omega44572d ago

Woah what?

This looks like too much effort to be fake, but why didnt IGN mention it