Nintendo’s Switch can be hacked to run custom apps and games

Nintendo’s Switch was hacked to run Linux in February, and now it’s clear that hackers could go further and run homebrew apps and games on the device. Eurogamer reports that two exploits have been detailed this week that allow hackers to exploit a hardware flaw in Nvidia’s Tegra X1 (that powers the Switch) and gain access to the Switch’s operating system.

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solderman229d ago

Paid the ultimate price for using mobile components. (The biggest hacking scene on the internet) Also a Switch Emulator last week.

Yi-Long228d ago

Nintendo make a huge profit on hardware, so I doubt they'd be really upset about this.

When the Wii was hacked, we saw a huge increase in sales. A huge flock of people who otherwise never would have bought the console and games, were now buying the Wii and controllers etc.

I think we would see a similar situation with the Switch.