The Valkyrie Fights Are the Best Part of God of War

They're not just a perfect summary of what makes the game's combat so fun, but also a perfect thematic fit with its story, writes Paste Magazine.

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bloop179d ago

Wait a minute. Isn't this the same "reviewer" that rated the game a 7.5?? So, he gives the game the lowest score we've seen so far, and is now posting entire articles about how awesome it is?

Edward75179d ago

His opinion, I guess. This game AT MINIMUM should be a 9/10 in everyone's eyes! My opinion 😊😊

thekhurg179d ago

Biblical spoiler in the caption image too. I really feel sorry for anyone that hasn't played far enough in. Shame on the submitter.

Darkwatchman179d ago

A 7.5 means a game is good.

Goldby179d ago

and God of War is much much more than good

Darkwatchman179d ago

I think so personally too, but that doesn’t mean another person can’t think otherwise??? God forbid people don’t align with the majority. Cancerous industry filled with people refusing to accept dissenting opinions.

thekhurg179d ago

On a full 0-10 scale, yes. But since the industry doesn't use the full scale, a 7.5 is a troll score for a game this critically acclaimed.

It's a fully polished, incredible gaming experience from beginning to end. It reinvents the God of War atmosphere with a new play presentation while still maintaining the series' depth and feel.

thornh179d ago

I have completed the main story and now I'm working on all the side quests. Got another 20 hours of game play easily. The Valkyries are my top priority. Having a blast figuring out how to beat each one.

AnubisG179d ago

Paste magazine......the SJW PC magazine. Why are the Valkyries the best? Because they are woman?

They are fun and hard to fight though.

thornh179d ago

I am so happy I avoided all spoilers for this game. Those epic moments only happen once. I would have been so damn upset if I had seen this image a few days ago.

Goldby179d ago

i wash chatting with a friend about the game after we both beat it, and another friend jumped into the aprty just as we began discussing his return home, i was screaming so loud to make sure he didnt hear what we were talking about.

"dude whast the F is with the yelling"

"i just saved you a spoiler in god of war

"u sir, are a scholar and will be written about in the ages to come"

Ceaser9857361179d ago

I finally met 1 Valkyrie and died 5 times, though i did lower down its health , so looks like i have to be more prepared

PhantomS42179d ago

Yeah, saw my first one and tried to fight it. Got a couple good hits in but she wrecked me so I got out of there knowing I wouldn't do much better at that point and the story is far more important.

Ceaser9857361179d ago

Ya we will beat them once we are upgraded... Though the Queen Valkyrie is the toughest and upon defeating her we will get the final leviathan axe upgrade. So in order to do get the Platinum need to defeat the Queen.

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