March NPD 2018 - Hardware: PlayStation 4 outsold Switch, Xbox One — but sales are red hot for all

“Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console hardware platform in March, and it remains the best-selling console hardware platform year-to-date,” Piscatella said.

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RAM0N 180d ago

The tides have returned.

dirkdady180d ago

Of course Xbox hardware spending increased due to the Xbox one X vs Xbox one base/s it's price difference is almost doubled.
So they could effectively have sold less units than last yr and still have a spending increase.

conanlifts180d ago

If that is the case it at least shows that the xbox x is selling well. Take into account the lack of must have exclusives this year that is actually quite impressive.

JaguarEvolved180d ago

PlayStation domination across the nation. I can't even imagine the worldwide sales added to the npd sales because PlayStation is winning all around the world. I'm glad the best gaming console is selling the best worldwide and by a wide margin. Ps4 sales are well deserved because it has the most and best exclusive games for consoles

StormSnooper180d ago

Well, PlayStation is on top as expected. With Switch in second position. Xbox is doing good too.

dirkdady180d ago

sd not following ur logic it could have sold worse quantity wise month over month but dollar spending is higher because of the huge price point difference

Obscure_Observer180d ago


"So they could effectively have sold less units than last yr and still have a spending increase."

Pherhaps. But it also proves that Xbox One X is a success.

DiRtY180d ago

That would be still impressive for a product you guys claimed to be a major flop. It is still selling pretty well it seems.
This might also be an important message to Phil Spencer how the next Xbox should look like...

dirkdady179d ago

Obsecure not following ur logic either - if it sold less month over month from last yr but hardware spending increased how is that a success?

Higher Consumer spending does not equate to increased profits as the hardware cost to manufacturer is more.. so the profit margin would remain relatively flat but less quantity was sold. Not quite sure where/how u r defining success

conanlifts179d ago

Just in response to this VG chartz ( Not always the most reliable I admit) actually have Xbox sales volumes up 31% this year compared to last year. Combined with the increased hardware spending I would still say this is a good thing for MS.

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travestyj180d ago

Have they? PS4 still the top selling console despite a hell of a lot more people having one already. And this is in the only country Microsoft focuses on. Worldwide it's even larger for Playstation. The fact that the Xbox still can't beat PS4 even when releasing their most hyped exclusive in a year and a half is pretty bad.

welly300180d ago

Really? They all did good....cant we leave it at that. Sales on all platforms, are good for all gamers. Ps4 dont need any fanboy support.

Realms179d ago


Oh you mean like MS trolled last gen with sales numbers every time they hit a milestone, stay classy we Sony is they hardly even mention they are ahead why because it's redundant at this point.

Shiken180d ago

This kind of back and forth of close 1st and 2nd between Sony and Nintendo is going to be the norm moving forward. The winner will depend on games coming out at the time, as both Playstation and Switch have identities that can co exist under one roof.

MS on the other hand, while doing ok in the US, has a major identity crisis. I doubt we will see them beat Sony or Nintendo anytime soon.

ThinkThink179d ago

They don't need to beat Sony or Nintendo. They just need to sell enough consoles to support a healthy fan base, which they have. Microsoft is doing very well for itself. Just not in first place. I don't hear any Xbox fans complaining.

Shiken179d ago

Well many of the XBox fans that have been complaining have already jumped ship.

The X1 is doing ok in the US, but struggling everywhere else in the world. I understand loyal fandom, but ignoring the lack of exclusivity in games is nothing short of blindly following what they say.

If you ONLY play multiplat games and you value BC, I can see buying an X1X. As someone who has an X1, PS4, and Switch however, I find little use for my X1 besides a netflix box.

Even my WiiU has gotten more attention, and that should tell you something.

KwietStorm180d ago

I'm confused what you're even referring to here? PS4 is *still* on top. Emphasis: *still*

BrettAwesome180d ago

It's called "the tides have turned"

dreue180d ago

The tides have turn? What you mean? Xbox will catch sony and ps4? Dude if that happens in out of gaming.... Because xbox to me was the worst and they dont care about gamers.... How can people be happy with a game lile sea of thoefs? Come on 4 years and thar is the best they can do? Lolol one more year and santa monica just release a beast.... Lol sad xbox people still think xbox is the place to play, can all imagine of xbox would be first? We would only have MP games.... And a servoce.... Well f that all i want arr new, fresh games, ezperience etc.... Sony is doing that at 100%

ThinkThink179d ago

Not sure i follow. I love sea of thieves. I purchased an extra copy to be able to play with my kids. We play it consistently and it's almost a completely different experience each time. You bring up god of war which is a great game but after i beat it, i just send it back to game fly. I find myself having to buy the Xbox games more often because they fall more under games as a service, which i prefer.

Inzo180d ago

We will see what those tides are doing once NPD give their figures for next month and you can thank Kratos for whats about to happen.

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darthv72180d ago

XBO is doing good: “For the 2018 year-to-date period, hardware spending has increased 13 percent to $925 million,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said. “That’s driven by growth in Xbox One spending. This is the highest year to date total achieved since 2014.”

PS4 is doing good: “Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console hardware platform in March, and it remains the best-selling console hardware platform year-to-date,”

Switch is doing good: “The Nintendo Switch 32GB with Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con is the best-selling hardware item of both March as well as 2018 year to date."

Razzer180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Third place is "doing good"? Remember, "growth" from March last year for Xbox One is saying much.

LordCheezus180d ago

Even if they are third place it dont mean they are not turning a profit.

conanlifts180d ago

If profits and spending increase then yes it is doing well.

morganfell180d ago

They were selling it at $239 and at one point it hit $229. It may seem like a boost now but when software fails to materialize the trade-ins begin and the systems dumped onto the used market come back to haunt them

Heelix180d ago

You should have "third place" in quotes.
An artificial race.

Kribwalker180d ago


I’ve heard your predictions before
“Gears of war is coming to PS3, No one will buy PUBG on console like CSGO”.....i’ll just toss this one on that pile

Razzer180d ago

"Remember, "growth" from March last year for Xbox One ISN'T saying much. "


UKRsoldja179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Yes, third place is doing good. In the real world companies only care about growth and profitability. Being first or second really only matters to the n4g dorks and trolls like you.

A company can be 40th, dead last, and still exceed all expectations if its net profitability is good.

Razzer179d ago

Nope. Phil Spencer said he wants to win this gen. You think he thinks third place is doing good? You would be wrong.

ThinkThink179d ago

3rd place can be an amazing place as long as you're making a profit. McDonald's, In&Out burger and Wendys are all burger restraunts. Guess who comes in 3rd place on that one?

Razzer179d ago

Fast food? lol....bad analogy.

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King_Lothric179d ago

You intentionally left this part out

"When Piscatella says Xbox One is contributing to the growth, that means that the platform’s hardware is selling better than it has in the past — or at least, that it’s making more money. But it isn’t outdoing its competition."

wonderfulmonkeyman179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

“Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console hardware platform in March"
"The Nintendo Switch 32GB with Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con is the best-selling hardware item of March"

Am I missing something, or is this article saying that both are the best of March? [which is logically impossible as one has to have outsold the other.]
Are they talking different regions or something? Like, Switch in Japan and PS4 in USA?

darthv72179d ago

you have platform as a whole (slim, pro, base unit [if still available]) and then you can have the single item from within a platform like the switch with the multi-color vs the solid color one.

Everybody gets a participation trophy but the winning team is PS4

wonderfulmonkeyman179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Wait, so you're telling me that the PS4 had to tally up all of its different forms to get the numbers, yet Switch is just a participation trophy despite out-selling it on a 1-to-1-form basis?
Yeah, no.XD
Let's just agree to disagree and say that both are absolutely killing it in sales right now.

darthv72179d ago

No, I'm not telling you that. you chose to use those words. all i said was

"you have platform as a whole (slim, pro, base unit [if still available]) and then you can have the single item from within a platform like the switch with the multi-color vs the solid color one."

Everybody gets a participation trophy (meaning all 3 did well in their own right) but the winning team is PS4 (in terms of platform units sold overall)

Does that make more sense now?

wonderfulmonkeyman179d ago

Yeah, it does. Thank you.
The way you phrased it sounded off at first, but that's it.XD

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FallenAngel1984180d ago

Nice to see everybody succeeding

lxeasy180d ago

Funny how you got for disagrees just for saying it's good to see everyone succeed. Smh I agree with you fallen angel it is good to see everyone succeed

Eonjay179d ago

The biggest lie in the world is that Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony HAS to succeed. Utter corporate pandering lies. We are the industry, not them. Its almost gross to insist that either of them HAS to be there. They don't.

Sayai jin179d ago

Yes, the rabid fanboyism on this site is pathetic. Anyone know of a mature gaming news site?

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PhoenixUp180d ago

“B-B-But the console market is dying” said ignorant media outlets at the beginning of the decade.

Pennywise138180d ago

Just about to say the same thing. It's funny to look back on old articles and see just how way off people can be while trying to sound like they know everything.