March NPD 2018 - Software: Far Cry 5 debuts as the top-selling game of the year

“Far Cry 5 debuts as the top-selling title of March 2018 and instantly becomes the best-selling title of 2018,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said. “Far Cry 5 set a new launch month sales record for the Far Cry franchise, with consumer spending on full-game sales nearly doubling that of previous franchise best, Far Cry 3. Publisher Ubisoft is the leading publisher in both March and 2018 year to date (January through March).

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PhoenixUp177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

- What do you know, VGC was right in estimating that PS4 won March. I’m pretty certain April is a guaranteed lockdown at this point

- I’m surprised Sea of Thieves made it to #2 on NPD charts.

- I’m even more surprised Kirby Star Allies made it to #4 on NPD.

- Effin GTAV is still in the top 5 after all these years.

JaguarEvolved177d ago

The best gaming console selling the best shouldn't be a surprise. PlayStation domination across the nation. With Sony releasing amazing exclusives like they do every generation it's easy to see why the ps4 is so successful.

michellelynn0976177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Um read the article. The Switch won the best selling console. Just the red and blue Joy Con Alone.

mikeslemonade176d ago

PS4 wins worldwide. Even Switch had its prime can’t handle the PS4’s greatness. PS4 is the best console this generation, get over it. And Sony will win next gen, and the gen after that.

Gemmol176d ago

Yall confuse, let me make it simple

Switch red and blue system with 32gb best selling hardware for the month

Ps4 with different bundles added together help it to beat switch by 50k

It's not a huge win, but still a win, i would be more concern if i was Sony, Nintendo haven't drop anything big yet and still close by, so all it need is one good month and it will go back to leading year to date

Sony had god of war and monster hunter and the lead not bigger then 50k is an ashamed.......kirby is a beast

And shout out to far cry, my home girl love that game

mikeslemonade175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

It's march npd you dum dum. Sony didn't have many games released in march either.

Switch should be worried because they already blew their best year on Zelda and Mario. No year will top Zelda and Mario. And you're wrong. Micorosoft isn't even worried about the switch because the next xbox will come out before the switch even catches up in sales. Plus PS4 is still more expensive than switch. If they're the same price it's not even close.

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michellelynn0976177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Um no. The Switch won the console sales.

Bhai177d ago

Um no. The Switch won only the stand alone accessory sales (the R n' B Joy Cons)... not as in the complete console sales :) ... The other news actually gave numbers as well... with PS4 around 354k, Switch around 308K and xb1 around 299k ...

Razzer176d ago

"Nintendo Switch 32GB with red and blue Joycon controllers was the best-selling hardware in March and 2018"

That was the bestselling single SKU for the month. As a brand, PS console outsold Swtich.

Majin-vegeta177d ago

GG Sony April is already in the bag for Sony

FallenAngel1984177d ago

I consider it complete mockery that the completely feature rich Rare Replay didn’t chart at all on NPD but bare bones Sea of Thieves makes it to #2 on NPD.

majiebeast177d ago

People reward mediocre stuff all the time. Dont worry it will drop like a brick in April like it deserves.

Kribwalker177d ago

Still selling in the top 10 in the UK all month till it dropped to 11 last week. Still has a chance to keep selling well. All of that with the game available on gamepass as well. So much for gamepass killing the retail industry

Thatguy-310177d ago

Im betting that in april it wont be in the top 10 what so ever. Thing isnt even charting in Amazon's top 100 video game charts.

NPD only tracks North america and if one looks at a lot of retailers website the title is pretty much dead.

177d ago
bluefox755177d ago

Yeah, it won't last. People are going to drop that bare bones game like a bad habit. I doubt it will chart at all in April.

FallenAngel1984177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

This is really sickening the grand scheme of things.

Rare Replay is a collection of most of the awesome titles that made Rare a strong powerhouse name, yet it still commercially flopped despite being a hit critically with an aggregate 84 on Metacritic. If having Rare’s most valuable IPs in one package couldn’t guarantee a considerable sales success, it’s even less likely that Microsoft would want them to work on any of those IPs in the future meaning all the franchises in the compilation are now dead except for Killer Instinct(an IP whose latest installment wasn’t even made mostly by Rare.)

Sea of Thieves is the most anti-Rare game I’ve seen from the developer in their entire history and it was heavily critisized critically which resulted in the 69 on Metacritic. However it looks to be their most successful title working under Microsoft aside from Kinect Sports. This game could very well get a sequel and influence the future of how Rare develops their games.

As much as people critisize Microsoft on how they treat Rare, the Xbox community should come under just as much scrutiny for the way they consume the developer’s divisive title and glossed over the developer’s former glory.

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Automatic79177d ago

Congratulations to RARE, love Sea of thieves. Glad to see a fresh and fun IP debut high in NPD. Glad to see the road map. This game is going to continue to rock through the summer.

timotim177d ago

Congrats to Rare! It's what should be happening with every game they release! They put the work in and they are reaping the benefits. Now let's get a AAA Perfect Dark going next!

Sciurus_vulgaris177d ago

I wouldn’t congratulate Rare for Sea of Thieves, the studio objectively has made much better even during the controversial MS-Era. If anything, Rare is lucky Sea of Thieves did will despite its objective mediocrity. Also sources point to the rumoured Perfect Dark being co-developed by The Coalition and another developer but not Rare.

timotim177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I never claimed that SoT was their best game or anything haha...I'm congratulating them for coming in at #2 and this isn't even counting the digital sales they got from Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere on console and PC. Nothing more, nothing less. They put at a lot of work, time and investment into the project regardless of what your opinion is on the game. If you spent that much time making something that was to be used by consumers, you would want a congrats too after that much success...

In terms of PD and Rare...I'm cool with The Coalition being on that project. Id take a new Kameo, Conker or Banjo from them too...doesn't matter.

welly300177d ago

No just no its lame, combat is the worst. Its fun sailing the seas for 20 min then got deleted.

timotim176d ago

OK...I'm sorry to hear that...but what does that have to do with me congratulating them though???

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