Microsoft Has A Bunch of Unused IPs. Why Not Use Them?

Microsoft has a rich catalog of diverse, unique, and well-loved IPs that haven't been used in a long time. While new IPs are welcome, Microsoft utilizing the properties it already owns could be the surefire solution to the company's exclusive problem.

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PhoenixUp843d ago

Easy answer. Microsoft doesn’t have enough internal developers to manage those dormant IPs.

darthv72843d ago

Maybe i am being to optimistic but I have a strange feeling we will start to hear more about these older unused IP's at some point. Especially since a few of them have become BC for the xbo.

MS knows there is a demand as well as a shortage and I feel they will have to address both sooner rather than later. They have been quiet for quite a while now so they may be getting ready to finally open up about the subject.

843d ago
gangsta_red843d ago


As much as I like to see a lot of those games make a comeback I doubt a few of them would make a splash today. I don't even think a lot of those games on that list did much when they first released.

It's not enough to bring back an IP, but they have to bring back an IP that has interest and actually looks like a good game a lot of players would enjoy and buy.

But I'm all for an updated 3rd person co-op / online shoot'em up Brute Force reboot.

darthv72843d ago

@zero, why does it have to be E3? They can open up about it any time they want to but they just need to open up. I don't care where or when but they need to address it.

@red, given the current situation with how the 8th gen feels (overall)... I find myself going back to 7th gen on both 360 and PS3 more so than playing my PS4 and XBO. Except for the new GoW... that game is sweet but when I'm done I will go right back to 7th and perhaps even 6th gen stuff.

If MS really sees an interest in those older IP's then perhaps they can realize that yeah... people want those fun games again and can give them not just the bc treatment but real actual continuations for them. I'd love a new Stubbs, Blinx, Brute Force, Quantum Redshift (just to name a few). If Sony can reboot Warhawk (an og PS1 IP) on the PS3 then so can MS with Crimson Skies

UltraNova842d ago

They should announce anything they have as soon as they can. They need to rebuild theit customers trust/faith in them when it comes to xbox exclusives. Waiting for E3 (its a month away) is ok for now provided they show some games, preferably ones that will be released this year.

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CyberSentinel843d ago

That would require “investments”, that’s not Microsoft’s strategy. Microsoft wants the Xbox brand to become the console ‘Steam’ service. They want to provide the online infrastructure, and collect the royalties from other game developers.

gamer7804842d ago

they could license them out to developers, but I'd be cautious since they need a lot of brand new IP's as well. I think make another Fable, Perfect Dark, then try something new a 3rd person heavy story game.

Aceman18842d ago

I would love sequels to blue dragon, lost odyssey, and project Gotham racing

AngelicIceDiamond842d ago

Project Gotham? Another racer MS doesn't need anymore racers but a brand new Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey would be superb. I can picture Blue Dragon becoming Scalebound like in size and scope, except done better.

Aceman18842d ago


Well it's the only race I truly liked on the xbox, so ima need a new one lol.

Godmars290842d ago

Easier answer: they haven't figured out how to introduce/justify MTs and/or multiplayer.

Fist4achin842d ago

You mean with MS money, they can't hire and find developers to work on those IPs?! This has been something I have been wondering for a while and frankly have lost a lot of love for Xbox. They have so much potential and I personally feel like they gave up. They could be doing so much better. I still think the OG Xbox was the better system in terms of games.

mark_parch842d ago

Just make a banjo kazooie and banjo tooie remaster. doesn't take a big studio. if they do it to the same standard as crash bandicoot and spyro it's a guaranteed success.

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FallenAngel1984843d ago

When Microsoft’s own flagship series Halo & Gears of War are on the commercial decline do you think Microsoft would’ve devote much time resurrecting any of their dormant IPs beyond remasters like they did for Voodoo Vince & Phantom Dust? Most of them went dormant for a reason.

The only franchises they revisit seem to be Rare IPs. Killer Instinct was great, that Conker for Project Spark was subpar and its Hololens presentation was horrible, and they seemed to like to bring up Battletoads a lot a few years ago but nothing came of it.

mark_parch842d ago

I think the battletoads references were just because rash joined the killer instinct roster

maybelovehate843d ago

Especially the big ones like Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie. Just don't let Rare work on them lol

letsa_go842d ago

They should have playtonic games make a new banjo game. THAT would be interesting!

maybelovehate842d ago

Maybe, I wasn't really a fan of Yooka-Laylee. But they would probably do better than Rare.

letsa_go842d ago

Well considering it is all the guys that actually made the first 2 games, yeah I think they would do it better than whoever is currently at rare!

gangsta_red843d ago

"The original Xbox launched in 2002, and since it was the “new kid on the black”"

That's racist!

PhoenixUp843d ago

It’s also factually wrong since Xbox released in 2001

gangsta_red842d ago

Which makes it even more racist!!

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