God of War PS4 Custom Animated GIFs From The Dev Team Are Absolutely Hilarious

Sony Santa Monica Studio decided to celebrate the launch of God of War in a unique way by creating a set of animated GIFs for the game that seems to have been based on the some of the popular reaction GIFs that we can see on various websites.

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OffRoadKing229d ago

Awesome, now SSM pretty please give us a photo mode.

Kane22229d ago

its coming soon. they even showed off some of the new features being added to it on ign. like kratos

ClayRules2012229d ago

I wish it was here already. I keep thinking of places & moments where I can use it.

mikeslemonade228d ago

Lame feature but amazing game.

Gamist2dot0229d ago

Yeah, for now, I have to disable the HUD at certain points in the game. Not the best shots but still pretty good.

madforaday229d ago

Two things

1.) They didn't have enough to time to implement one

2.) They want people to enjoy the story without stopping to take a pic that will take you out of the immersion. They put so much work on the camera work to get lost by a photo-mode.

I think it is both of these. I just want a NG+ if I really want something.

Kane22228d ago

sucks NG+ didn't make so weird that this and the original gow didn't have NG+

searcam01229d ago

I'm loving the Brandon Fraser one. It's hilarious

SickSinceSix229d ago

Those aren't gifs, they're mp4 files.

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The story is too old to be commented.