Destiny 2's Second Expansion "Warmind" Gets Plenty of Screenshots, Info, and PS4 Exclusive Content

Bungie has lifted the curtain on the second expansion for Destiny 2, titled Warmind. The guardians will follow Ana Bray to investigate on Rasputin.

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corroios1087d ago

The trailer is very weak. By the way, did she forget the sparrow or its behind a paywall... running? really?

Kaii1087d ago

Looked at the Images on the page, not played D2 since launch but I'm seeing Apotheosis veil/Suros Regime, can't they create anything original, they're working on D3 now anyway, If they don't fix their current IP why bother with the third Installment.

81BX1086d ago

Money well spent on this deal...

irishyort1086d ago

Getting there. It's almost 1/2 the game D1 finished with now. 1 more year and they may get it.

I have been playing for a bit on and off with the lull in other games at the moment. It still kinda fun if you take long breaks between events and come back. PVP is still one of the better shooters where your actual shot hits a targets body, not some weird hitbox that allows you to shoot someone a foot away from their knee and they end up dying anyway so theres that.

conanlifts1086d ago

Bungie need to put a hold on paid DLC and gameplay tweaks and start expanding the game and story modes for free. If they do this the micro transaction's embedded in the game will make them money and they might more importantly stand a chance of reviving this title. Updates and expansions should be a natural part of this game and as they stand they are all hidden behind paid content.

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