Next-Gen Xbox Launch Won’t Be An Isolated One, Will Launch In 2020 Besides The PS5 – Pachter

“I think PS5 and next Xbox are both 2020.”

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Thatguy-310176d ago

good luck with MS surviving another gen if that's true

darthv72176d ago

I'd prefer they don't release at the same time. It's easier on the wallet.

Eldyraen176d ago

Best thing about same release though is they help fill in their own limited launch releases, compared to later anyways when Devs are making games solely for one generation and not past still.

Granted I can still play other games on old systems too, but visual discrepancy will be bigger if one launches before the other.

Obscure_Observer175d ago


"I'd prefer they don't release at the same time. It's easier on the wallet."

They won´t. Next Xbox will be out in 2021. No before.

Patcher is delusional. According to his previous predictions there wouldn´t even exist a console market today. He though the Mobile would destroy consoles. Lol

DarXyde175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Microsoft should probably release at a different time from the next PlayStation. For one thing, it'll give them some buffer to make quality games so it's worth owning at launch (Dreamcast may be the only console I found worth owning at launch). Also, knowing Microsoft, they'll probably want to wait so they can secure the power advantage (assuming the next PlayStation isn't using some kind of wizard tech that allows for more power over time). Probably won't matter though if iterative hardware is the new standard where the base hardware is outclassed.

Not that this particularly matters to me. I'm in this for the experiences of the software first and the hardware second.

Eldyraen176d ago

If they can survive this one, I doubt it will make a big difference next. They just need a smaller, more realistic expectation than some they’ve had in the past. 50M lifetime for example over a 100M goal, which only Sony and Nintendo ever managed to break.

Next gen they just need the games and studios as expect next gen could last a while since glass ceiling is falling more and more. Can hold out a bit more with 4k base.

denawayne176d ago

Xbox Live generates billions of dollars in revenue. Xbox is not going anywhere.

Goldby176d ago

Wanna show a source for that

CurbStompin176d ago

Well since you cant do your own research, they have 53 million active subs as of November 2017, multiply that by $60 a year. Three billion one hundred eighty million annually. Thats just for Subscription, then factor in Game Pass, and other cosmetic revenue. $$$

Sunny_D176d ago


I don’t think you know what a source is. Also when you say active do you mean gold or are they adding silver as well?

TocaCannaBowl176d ago (Edited 176d ago )


oh yea also Xbox has gotten over a million headshots the last week cool numbers and all ..../s

theindiearmy176d ago


Generated 3.9b last quarter. Keep in mind, this is just for one quarter. The notion that Xbox is "failing" simply because it hasn't sold as many systems is a false one from a business perspective. Xbox is still very much a successful brand for Microsoft.

Agent_hitman175d ago (Edited 175d ago )


Xbox has 53 million subscribers alright, but that doesn't mean that they're all active paying $60 a year. Keep in mind that you should determine first who are the real active Xbox live users paying 60 annually and those who are just registered accounts.

Same goes to Steam with 125 million registered users, but when you look at the actual data of the active users buying legit games, they are just minority with almost 12-14 million monthly. The rest are relying on free games or giveaway who haven't spend any cents on buying games.

Markusb33175d ago

Live may be around but maybe as an app only. Services Is what they want and live is a service you pay for.

UltraNova175d ago

Curb, did you forget that Live gold can be found at discounted price (or some other offer) nearly all year long?

mechlord175d ago


its common sense that both psn and live make a shitton of money to justify their existence on their own in the next generation, whatever the consoles are. of course its not as simple as multiplying active subscriptions by $60 as that's just revenue at best...but still, common sense dictates both services are making lots and lots of money.

sinspirit175d ago


Revenue and profit are two different things.
That is 3.9b for the entire XBox division. Not Live, which is the topic at hand.

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DarkVoyager176d ago

“Next-Gen Xbox Launch Won’t Be An Isolated One, Will Launch In 2020 Besides The PS5”

They better have some stellar games if they want to have any chance against PS5.

TallonIV176d ago

"They better have some stellar games if they want to have any chance against PS5."

So you know what games are launching with the PS5? Lol

Rude-ro176d ago

If rumors to be true... all of them.
They are boosting power for the game engines, not hardware to make new engines.
Picture it this way... this is like the ps1 and the next console will be like the ps2 of which the twentieth anniversary will be 2020... ie ps4 will get continued support while the ps5 will boost those games.

OmnislashVer36175d ago


Exactly what I was thinking. Many people didn't switch to PS until PS2, and played PS1 games because of BC.

Now consider this, where many are questioning their Xbox purchases... I've heard from so many that they're jumping ship to PS5, and if it's backwards compatible, PS is gonna slaughter Xbox out of the gate.

Of course, Xbox will be successful, but they'll be losing by an even larger margin to PS5 nex-gen.

OmnislashVer36175d ago

^can't believe I have disagrees. When PS5 gets BC and sells at a 3:1 margin vs Xbox I'm gonna have this bookmarked for a good laugh.

Obscure_Observer175d ago


"They better have some stellar games if they want to have any chance against PS5."

Why? Do you belive that a next gen Xbox is comming now? Because Patcher said so? Wonder happen with that talk about Microsoft leaving the console bussiness for a streaming service? Just curious.

Obscure_Observer175d ago


"I've heard from so many that they're jumping ship to PS5, and if it's backwards compatible, PS is gonna slaughter Xbox out of the gate."

How? I heard that BC is not a selling factor.

Goldby175d ago


BC tends to be more important at the beginning of a generation when the library isnt as large as it is 3+ years later.

we can already guarenteee most likely that the next box will have BC buiilt into it, and is sony does have it as well, it will be the library of games that will be a deciding factor for players.

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Godmars290176d ago

By all actual appearance they're moving to "Games as Services". Offering 1st party titles day-one not just on console and PC, but a rental service. More than likely that's the PC market gone as far as console sales are concerned. Given that there's no way an Xbox system is going to be regarded against whatever Sony or Nintendo offer.

ImGumbyDammit175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Somehow options are a bad thing? Nothing in Microsoft's arsenal of services negates the need for a console. Of course, let us just ignore that fact that the only company that actually has a GAAS platform that can and has been device agnostic is Sony with PSNow. The only console company that has a CEO that actually has specialized in GAAS is the CEO of SIE (Kodera is the creator of PSNOW, led PSMusic & PSVideo). PSNow is pure GAAS. It is the only service available on to consols by any of the three console manufacturers thas in the past been supported on devices that are as simple as Blu-Ray players. And even though Sony has cut off support of those other devices nothing is stopping Sony from once again adding them with little effort. Microsoft requires a console of some sort to provide their current services. I keep reiterating this but, smart, proactive companies put people in charge of divisions and in leadership roles that can help realize direction and goals. I don't think Sony is a dumb company I think they are quite smart and proactive. So they must have a purpose of putting somebody who knows services in charge. Kodera is all about GAAS. Why put somebody in charge who has spent almost his entire career at Sony developing a variety of platforms as pay services.

Godmars290175d ago

The key difference between PSNow and GAAS is one isn't offering 1st party releases day one. Nevermind Sony dropped PSNow support for all other devices because of lack or subscribers. Overall it wouldn't effect PS console sales where more device availability might for Xbox consoles. It also wouldn't matter to MS just like it wouldn't matter to Sony if PSNow had taken off, expanded access and library, so long as money came in.

bluefox755175d ago

The problem is, if they don't release alongside Sony, they let Sony get a head start, and continue the insane momentum they've built up this gen uncontested. On the other hand, they'll continue to struggle to compete with Sony even if they do release at the same time. Unless they come with some mind blowing games, they're kind of screwed either way.

BizarroUltraman175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

why good luck? MS needs to get their exclusives in order. Some new Ips and more emphasis on single player games for the hardcore is gonna help next gen. They could have the two most powerful consoles next gen with X and X2. Just wish they had the developers to take advantage of the hardware. Could you imagine what Naughty Dog can do with X. 🔥

Xavi4K175d ago

well Sony learned a lot of things from Ps3 and look at sony's position now...Microsoft is slowly taking baby steps to get back on track and its like they have been learning during the entire life cycle of Xbox one so I'm sure they will come better than ever next gen just like 360 era.

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Cyborgg176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Wait Pachter, you mean to tell me the $500 dollar One X just came out almost 6 months ago and Microsoft will be releasing a new console in 2020 just 2-3 years later? Hopefully Xbox one X owners won’t feel burned by their purchase

maybelovehate176d ago

Why would they care. New phones release every year. People love it. Having new tech is a great thing as long as there is proper support to allow content to work across the spectrum. Both Playstation and Xbox use standard x86 architecture now so there is no excuse for this not to work.

Cyborgg176d ago

Consoles are different than smartphones. You don't carry consoles with you every day especially if you travel a lot.

maybelovehate176d ago

Lol, what does carrying something have to do with anything. Consoles are actually cheaper than phones so it would make even more sense to upgrade more often.

Skull521176d ago

If I could upgrade my console hardware every two years you can be damned sure I would do it in a heartbeat. It's the only thing I am jealous of when it comes to PC gaming.

neutralgamer1992176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

We small amount of core gamers can think whatever the heck we want its the millions of casuals who decide the fate of a console. If a new xbox is coming alongside ps5 than here are few key tips:

Hold a reveal event and show games only
during E3 go after sony and not before to give them ammunition to whack you
make sure by than your studios are strong enough to dweliver games which are contending for GOTY or GOTG

focus on games everything else is nice to have but it's a gaming machine and it needs to have excellent games. grow the xbox brand out of the dude bro obnoxious fanboy crowd who won't provide negative feedback and instead will heavily defend everything

watch this video and that is made by a known Xbox gamer. It's time for xbox system, fans and it's executives to show some maturity and sit at the big boy table

Cyborgg176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

"Consoles are actually cheaper than phones so it would make even more sense to upgrade more often."

That depends if you're in a contract it's actually cheaper. I'm in the galaxy forever program and I don't pay over $100 dollars a year on my galaxy phones. If you trade in your new phone every year you can save hundreds of dollars that way as well. Times have change bro. I got my S9 way cheaper than a console


Great video

EverydayGuy176d ago

Is there a payment plan that comes with new consoles? Thats the only way I'm upgrading.

Markusb33175d ago

Because you don't generally buy a new console each year like a phone plus phones are usually on contracts tied in with the phone bill you pay for the device. Consoles you buy out right unless you use your credit card

FinalFantasyFanatic175d ago (Edited 175d ago )


...So why aren't you into pc gaming?

Consoles are meant to last 5 years plus and I refuse to upgrade any earlier, I prefer longer console generations. Otherwise I use and upgrade my pc every few years or early if it's worthwhile.

Shakengandulf175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

I put consoles in the same category as tvs.. you dont buy them yearly.. it takes years to make these games, try common sense.

KickSpinFilter175d ago

Smartphone is now more looked at as a utility (gas/water/electricity. As a console is still considered a luxury item.
That's the major difference.

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Kribwalker176d ago

why would i feel burned? MS has already said they are looking to be backwards/forwards compatible with their consoles now and follow a simmilar cellphone/PC route where the games can scale across devices. I’ll rotate my X to the kids and upgrade to the next console.

And what’s really different from Sony releasing a $400 PS4 then 3 years later releasing a $400 Pro? Or releasing the PSVR at $500 and a year later releasing an upgraded psvr (hdr passthrough) for $299? Or upgrading your PC video card to a new one 2-3years later?

DarkZane176d ago

Backward compatibility would be nice, but forward compatibility will not help them, in fact it will do the exact opposite.

Since games will have to be compatible on Xbox One, Xbox One X and the next Xbox, developers will stop releasing their games on Xbox at some point because most of them want to deliver the best games possible using the latest hardware. Instead of being held back by the Xbox One, developers will probably rather make their games as PS5/PC only and sacrifice the little amount of sales they would have gotten with a Xbox version.

Kribwalker176d ago

“forward compatibility will not help them, in fact it will do the exact opposite. ”

how would that hurt them? Right now the OneX is running High settings on PC. In three years it could be running medium settings while the new console would now be running High settings. They can scale the games to work, much like a PC with the min/max settings.
Cell phones employ the same thing. Eventually the old models no longer work, but very year new phones come out that are twice as powerful, yet, the old phones still support the new apps for years to come

dreue175d ago

It is sp funny seei g the comments... All xbox fans talk is bac compat etc, but never mention new games... So gald sony is a machine that wants to give people new games.... While ms wants subs and gsming pass and overall they want a service, and not games.... Sad

Goldby175d ago


but eventually the Iphone 3 cant play games on that phone anymore after every game shas been updated to a minimum requirment.

if MS makes it a requirement that any game released goign forward must play on an xbox one. than they will have a serious problem come next gen when ps5 has say 16+gb of ram. when its CPu is underpowered compared to new ones that are in the new consoles.

heck, look at COD, they ahd to remove the SP from last gen games because of the tech difference between ps3/360 and ps4/x1

Kribwalker175d ago


that’s what i’m saying tho. just like min specs on a PC eventually you have to upgrade if you want to keep enjoying the new games. There will be a point in time where the OneX will be the baseline model and whatever is next will be the premium, then 6-8 years from now the onex phases out and the next model becomes the premium but it will bring all of your games and accessories with you etc etc.

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Bobafret176d ago

Na, I will purchase the new one, as well as the Ps5 and whatever Nintendo brings.

fewDankMemes176d ago

You could say the exact same thing about the people who bought the PS4 Pro that think the PS5 will come out in 2019. stop with the double standards.

Cyborgg176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

But PS4 has more games. Way more first party and third party exclusives. I feel the money is worth it. I know Sony will always deliver the games.

"So I would think that even with all those great Sony games available, Pro owners would feel burned that their Pro purchase isn't any better than a regular PS4."

Interesting? Why don't you ask them? I don't care about that because I'm enjoying all these great exclusives :) GOW and Horizon looks better than all the Xbox One X games imho

For just graphics I have a PC and I can play all the Xbox games on

gangsta_red176d ago

Yea but the PS4 Pro hardly upgrades any games significantly like the X does compared to it's base model and Slim.

So I would think that even with all those great Sony games available, Pro owners would feel burned that their Pro purchase isn't any better than a regular PS4.

steven83r175d ago

Not the same for me anyway. I bought my Pro for $299. I use my launch PS4 as media player in living room. X is a disappointment because they are not utilizing the power. They did not want to alienate the One base. A simple texture upgrade is not the same as building a game from scratch for the power of the X.

fewDankMemes175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Yeah Steve well we are the exceptions. I only paid $100 for my One X because i sold my GTX 1060 and downgraded to a 1050 since i barely play Pc and I also sold my 2TB One S.. so that's a really silly excuse to say it's "not the same" as to when a company releases their next console just because we considered different options to get our consoles cheaper.

And the One X is nothing different than the upgraded PS4 pro. The sole reason it costs more is because of the little extra power it gives over the pro and the 4k blu Ray player alone.

Tell me, are you upset that Sony didn't make a new console instead of the PS4 Pro with slightly upgraded textures like you described the one X, which would have alienated the PS4 user base? Yeah, keep up the double standards :)

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gangsta_red176d ago

So 2 to 3 years later and then a new Xbox that will be forward and backwards compatible with the X and still be able to output 4k resolutions and you think X owners will feel burned?

176d ago
yellowgerbil176d ago

Lol about your wasteful attitude towards phones, leaving out the actual pollution that creates think of the child slaves that never reach adulthood collecting the material for your phones. Children are literally being poisoned by heavy metals just so you can upgrade pointlessly every year

Cyborgg176d ago

Really lol? Okay I'l keep that in mind

Jinger176d ago

Finally kids start pulling their weight.

Universal 08176d ago

Think of it this way. Xbox One is like the Xbox 360, The Xbox One X is like the Xbox 360 Elite.

Jinger176d ago

Xbox One X is only like an Elite if you just mean its still in the Xbox One family like the Elite is still a 360 console...

The X and Elite are very different as far as hardware leaps go.

Magnetar176d ago

You do understand the xbox one x is just an upgrade, not a new console? Why would anyone feel burned, we all knew what we were buying.

CurbStompin176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I wouldn't, im not a broke ass who drags technology for decades. I buy a new smartphone every 2 years, and the latest one cost me $999.99. A new console every 3 years EZ.

FinalFantasyFanatic175d ago

That's kinda wasteful since phone technology doesn't change that quickly, your better off upgrading every 4 years or so when there's a meaningful difference. Otherwise, an upgrade barely feels like an upgrade.

CurbStompin176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

"That depends if you're in a contract it's actually cheaper. I'm in the galaxy forever program and I don't pay over $100 dollars a year on my galaxy phones. If you trade in your new phone every year you can save hundreds of dollars that way as well. Times have change bro. I got my S9 way cheaper than a console"

Same logic applies to consoles, take care of it, keep it in top condition, save the original box, sell it on ebay for 20% less than you paid for it, buy new console, profit.

yellowgerbil176d ago
Not saying stop using phones but the shear wasrefullness of upgrading annually for a product that isn't doing anything a 5 year old phone can't do

FinalFantasyFanatic175d ago

I can't believe people are wasting phones and money like this, new phones ever year are incremental upgrades at best, can you even feel that difference assuming people take care of these phones (and I assume they don't).

PUBG175d ago

In terms of release, there's no difference from what Sony did with the PS4 Pro. The only real difference however, is that Microsoft provided a console that can perform in native 4K with most games, which means that it's practically a next gen console anyway. No doubt, the Xbox One X will play the role that the current base Xbox One is playing right now, where they will both get all the new releases, and they will both be fully backwards compatible.

Obscure_Observer175d ago


"Hopefully Xbox one X owners won’t feel burned by their purchase"

Oh, don´t worry. Xbox One S survived one entire year facing the new PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch! It took 4 years for the X be released. It will take a least another 4 for the next.