Albert Penello Leaves Microsoft After 18 Years

Albert Penello was the Senior Director of Marketing for Xbox. He was fairly active during leading to the launch of the Xbox One.

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Gazondaily1189d ago

"He was fairly active during leading to the launch of the Xbox One."

Which wasn't a good thing for Xbox 🤣 To the point where they had to the pretty much gag the fellow.

Christopher1189d ago

The man who created the "highest quality pixels" derision by editing out context from the video.

FITgamer1189d ago

Now they just need to get rid of Greenberg.

dirkdady1189d ago

Wasn't this guy known as the troll of Neogaf?

Gazondaily1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Yeah lol. He had been waiting for Scorpio for ages.

You can't fault his passion but the manner in which that translated in his social media and forum posts and how he got thoroughly shut down on the weakness of those points really made the Xbox brand, in core gaming circles, look worse not better.

Obscure_Observer1189d ago


"Now they just need to get rid of Greenberg."

Tottaly agreed.

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letsa_go1189d ago Show
Obscure_Observer1189d ago

Phil Spencer´s restructure of the Xbox brand is still goin! Since he got promoted we got Booty in his place, Darrell Gallagher is now part of the Xbox Team and now Penello is out!

Future seems exciting! :)

chaos-emeralds1189d ago

Good. Xbox marketing has been awful and probably cost them. Games like sunset overdrive, recore etc should've had a better public perception.

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Wikkid6661189d ago

He had NOTHING to do with game marketing.

maybelovehate1189d ago

Recore was just not a good game. As for Sunset Overdrive, definitely agree. Still one of the best games of this generation.

Concertoine1189d ago

Recore is actually pretty good after a year of patches + some content. Weirdly middle market game that reminds me of the 6th gen.

Its evident that MS rushed the game after throwing a pc port on top, a lot for a small team to handle.

darthv721189d ago

the definitive edition of Recore is a much better game than the initial release.

Lenrulesdaworld1189d ago

good guy, glad to have met and interviewed him

masterfox1189d ago

This is actually a good news for xbox.

SuperSaiyanGod411189d ago

I'm surprised Greenberg is still there. I think he needs to go then we will see Microsoft start fresh.

Obscure_Observer1189d ago


"Shannon Loftis??"

Will probably be replaced by Darrell Gallagher

PhoenixUp1189d ago

He was in for the long haul

The Xbox brand hasn’t even been around for 18 years yet

yellowgerbil1189d ago

Do you think the released the system the same day Bill gates said "sure let's get into the gaming business"? It takes years to make a console and was probably started in early 1999

Yohshida1189d ago

First XBOX launched in 2001, they started development before that... so yes he was their

No Way1189d ago

Their "Senior Director of Marketing for Xbox," it's in the article.

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Christopher1189d ago

He was hired because of the work he did at EA before that as well.

2pacalypsenow1189d ago

The Xbox project started in 1998.

PhoenixUp1189d ago

I know Xbox planning started in the late 90s, but the brand itself still hasn’t been around for 18 years

darthv721189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

The initial reveal of the xbox was in 2000 the release was in 2001 so yes... it has been around for 18 years.

PhoenixUp1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

And the Play Station add-on was unveiled in 1991 with planning starting in 1988, that doesn’t mean that the PlayStation brand has been around for 27 years or 30 years respectively.

I count a brand’s existence as the time since it first released, not when it was first unveiled or its planning stages.

darthv721189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

A brand does not become live when it releases... there has to be a reveal that sets the stage for the marketing and promotional material and release information for stores.

the release date is just that, when you (as a consumer) can buy it. Prior to that is setting up everything else (including the brand). Xbox has existed longer than 18 years (if you add in the planning stage) but it is the public reveal that is when it becomes live. Xbox was revealed at GDC in March of 2000. That is the date the brand was made public.

you really cant use release dates because back then they were usually staggered. PS released in JP in 94 so do you consider that the year the brand started or do you consider it 95 when it released in the RotW? Or perhaps earlier when they first revealed they were going to make their own game console after the break up with Nintendo (which was spelled differently by the way)?

PhoenixUp1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Look at the documentation for any entertainment product or brand and you’ll easily see that the day it gets released is the day it starts actually existing. Everything prior to that is just conceptual that could very well even turn out to be vaporware.

- PSP for example was unveiled at E3 2003, but nobody adds on that year for the time Sony spent in the handheld market.

- Look at the character of Superman for example. He was conceptuallly created in 1933 but he didn’t actually get his publication until 1938 which makes him 80 years old in 2018, not 85 years.

- Deep Down was unveiled to the public five years ago. If that game were to ever come out, those five or more years wouldn’t be counted to the time the brand has been active.

Of course 1994 is the year the PlayStation brand started. Sony themselves recognize this as they started the first PlayStation Experience conference in 2014 to commemorate such a milestone. They even announced the 20th anniversary PS4 special edition the exact day PS1 first released.

Nintendo themselves recognize that 1983 was the year Famicom, ie the NES, released as 30 years later they had their own promotion for the anniversary.

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