God of War has a major accessibility problem

The text is too dang small, even after the latest patch, and God of War isn't the first modern game to make this mistake.

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Valkron1229d ago

I skipped all the lore because of this

mikeslemonade229d ago

lol PS Pro you don't have that issue.

Highlife229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Have a pro and a 65 inch 4k and 20/20 vision and its hard to see the text.

rainslacker229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

PS4P here. Pretty decent 65" LCD screen. Sit about 11 feet away. not perfect eyesight, but well enough when wearing my contacts or glasses.

it's hard to read the text. Not impossible, but would be nice if there was better contrast to the colors, or bigger text.

VenomUK229d ago

I have a PS4 Pro and the text IS too small. I'm playing on my couch at approximately 3 metres from my TV, maybe less. I can't understand how Santa Monica Studios made this amazing game which would have been play-tested to the nth degree, and they somehow missed that the text should have been bigger. I suspect everyone was using a monitor which they were sitting directly in front of.

Like @Valkron1 I'm finding that I'm skipping the lore because it is too much effort to read. The thing is other games have done this. Mass Effect 2 had this problem.

I hope another patch is incoming to fix this.

TekoIie229d ago

Lol is this going to become a selling point for the Pro soon? No squinting to read menu tips?

AKS229d ago

Pro would be the model that WOULD have this issue because in 2160 checkerboard text is 4x smaller than 1080p.

Bathyj229d ago

Sorry High life, but if you have a pro and a 65 inch 4k and can't read it you don't 20/20 vision unless your sitting way back or tv is crappy.

Not saying it couldn't be bigger but I read it fine and I doubt I'm 20/20.

mikeslemonade229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Do your research and go learn before you try to trick other people. You don't know what your talking about if you think 4k means 4x smaller text. Everything is the same size on 4k. There's just more pixels to fill it the image.

And just because you have 4k it doesn't fix your eye sight. The 4k image is simply more clear. If you can't see it then it's your own eye issue. Read the article. Pro is the way to play.

You PS vanilla owners can be apologist until the sheep come home, but you're just in denial think the PS vanilla is good enough.

Ceaser9857361229d ago

Well the issues has been put forward and Santa Monica has tweeted that they have taken note and will fix it soon

mikeslemonade228d ago

Haha with the disagrees. If you don't believe youtube PS PRO an PS orginal gameplay. You will find that resolution mode is the SAME SIZE TEXT as PS4 orginal text.

nix228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

i have 55 inch tv and a base PS4... i really didn't have any issue with the text to begin with. i only realised it here when they issued a patch. what was bothering me was the black border which i had to go to the settings to get it corrected... i really think the option should be turned on on default.

as for the access problem - the game is larger than the last series... i never wavered around because the straight game itself is so long. i finally finished the game and now i might go around doing side quests etc. i know some people like to waver around and do side quests so it might be difficult to move around. those travel portals only takes you to one place and i really couldn't figure out how to activate the portals i discovered.

now that i have completed the main story - i might go back and explore around the lake and places leisurely.

the game is amazing - it completely shatters the high expectations that it had garnered after the reviews came out. after a very long time, i devoted an entire weekend playing a game and i still couldn't finish it. lol. now i'm going through the withdrawal symptoms i think. i wonder which game is going to blow me away next, it would be hard to get into any other game now... this is like Bloodborne days. This Friday, i'm watching the Avengers, i hope the movie is better than the game i just finished because right now my standards are set very very high.

nowitzki2004228d ago

I am at 1080p with really good vision and have not yet had a hard time reading anything.

mikeslemonade228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

To the people who think they know more than me and are misinformed in thinking 4k equals 4x smaller text. WRONG!

4k resolution mode

1080p performance mode

Now both images are a 1080p source image because I can only share 1080p images from the PS4 or I was to lazy to figure out if you could, so don't kill me. But anyway it's a screen shot showing you that the text sizes stay the same. Don't believe USERNAME: AKS on n4g. He is trying to mislead you with misinformation.

Highlife228d ago

Try reading i said its hard to read not that i can't.

UnHoly_One228d ago

Wait a second...

Am I seeing this correctly??

Going by the upvotes and downvotes, a bunch of people on here actually think that when you increase the resolution to 4k, the text on the screen gets smaller?

Are you people even for real? omg. lol

It's not like adjusting the res on your pc and the desktop icons get smaller... lol

Seriously I can't believe what I'm reading here. N4G community has hit a new low.

mikeslemonade228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

lol that dum dum named AKS thinks that. And he has been direct messaging trying to say I’m wrong still. I sent him photos on proving it it’s the same size and he’s still making BS up.

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AspiringProGenji229d ago

The first lore text that showed on the screen made me squint and lean forward to read it, but after that It's been alright. i usually have a very good vision, but still it looks like a small oversight to leave it too small

Chaosdreams229d ago

Small text is a pain in any game/medium, and I say this while having great eyesight and a 4k tv. If they can gradually implement more settings to allow the adjustment of text (games in general) then that should ease the frustration that a lot of people feel.

Otherwise gamers skip sections where text is the focus.

rainslacker229d ago

Exactly. Small text on a TV screen isn't about the quality of the TV or the resolution, it's about being able to focus from a distance. If the text is about as big as it'd be written on a piece of notebook paper, it won't be that legible from a distance. If you just wrote some text on paper and kept it at 11 feet away, not many people would be able to read it.

These games are built and tested on computer screens where the dev and play testers are a few feet away from the screen. It's not usually until the end they go onto the TV's. It may not seem like a problem while the dev is making them, but they should know that it's a bad design choice.

RememberThe357229d ago

Well at least the list of bad design choices in this game is short

rainslacker229d ago

Yeah. That's a general complaint I have for a lot of games. I wasn't saying GOW is terrible because of it.

BlackTar187229d ago

I hate bad text on any type entertainment. I have kids and sometimes reading is the only way to do it.

AKS229d ago

All they need is a "large text" option, but many games unfortunately don't have this.

rainslacker229d ago

A lot of text is formatted to fit into a space, and giving the option to make it bigger ruins an aesthetic they're going for.

Not saying it's the case here, but I know back in the day, it was a problem for Japanese games localized for the west.

I can't think of any console game which actually has this option. Only PC games I've seen that offer it are for MMO's in their chat functions, and you usually have to use mods to do it elsewhere for the aforementioned reason.

maybelovehate229d ago

I haven't noticed any text size issues.

NecrumOddBoy229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

What they first started talk about text, I thought they were referring to dialogue captions which I keep turned off. I have no problem reading the text in the menues. I dunno though. 1080p tv and I sit less than 5 feet away..

RememberThe357229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I don't have great eyes, I'm playing on the 60" plasma on a regular PS4 and I can read the text. It's really small, for sure, but I can still read it.

AKS229d ago

At 1080p text is 4x larger than 2160p and from 5 feet away? Yeah, I'd assume that wouldn't be an issue for you. Imagine shrinking it to 4x smaller from 10 feet away.

Gardenia228d ago

Me neither. I have a 50" 4K TV but I sit 2-3 meters away. Maybe I sit too close to the screen

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Matpan229d ago

Another problem is the living room becomes like an airport runway at takeoff... man does the Ps4 gets noise when running this.

rainslacker229d ago

This is the first game where I can tell my PS4P is working overtime.

bigmalky229d ago

Clean it with a blast of compressed air. I've had GoW running all weekend and the only noise coming from the Pro is on the map screen. It's not that loud either.

rainslacker229d ago

I've been meaning to reseat the fan. A lot of times, they use crappy heat compound, or they don't seat the fan properly. I've never had a problem with the fan noise in any game, and even on this game, I wouldn't say it's noticeable when I'm playing. It's just when I stop to to take a break, the fan will be on overdrive. This is usually after pretty intense action scene.

I'm not complaining about it, just that the game is really working the GPU.

On the plus side, I seem to have remedied my black screen flashes with trying to combine all the possible reasons that may happen.

maybelovehate229d ago

Yeah, it gets so loud. PS4 is noisy to begin with but in this game it is ridiculous. I hope it doesn't blow haha

The_Sage229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

You need to clean your PS4. I do mine about once every three months.

First, unplug everything from your PS4. Then use a tooth pick, or something small to loosen the dust in the air vents. Pull out what you can with your fingers. Next, vacuum the vents with as small of an attachment as you have. After that put the vacuum where the fan is while creating as good a seal as you can. Finally, run compressed air through the vents while still vacuuming where the fan is.

My fan never runs beyond its lowest stage unless I've waited too long between cleanings. As soon as the fan moves off its lowest setting, I clean. My launch console is whisper quiet.

Matpan228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

I do keep it clean, but the PS4 is noisy... Really. And on top of that this game puts the hardware to work for it's money. I need to crank up the tv volume to levels that make it impossible to play at night without really bothering my wife or my daughter...

I understand the implications of running hardware to it's limits on such a small form factor, so that's ok. A passive solution or watercooling would taje too much space and drive costs up.

The_Sage228d ago (Edited 228d ago )


As long as you be sure to unplug everything including your power cord, and follow the steps I laid out you should not have a problem.


Maybe your fan is going bad. I am being completely honest when I say that you can not hear my PS4 running at all from the couch. That said, I do play in the morning on my days off when my Wife is still sleeping. Thank God for the headphones jack on the controller.

Matpan228d ago

now that is some clever idea... Hahahha man you just saved my gaming experience. Fan is not liud enough to bother in an of itself, just me trying to overpower it with the TV. And I happen to have this contraption you refer to... Headbones.

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Jinger229d ago

I thought my Pro was growling at me. It sounded mad.

OffRoadKing229d ago

Not even PS4 can contain Kratos!

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