Sonic Mania has sold over 1 million copies worldwide

PowerUp! - "Sonic Mania sales are something SEGA must be celebrating with over 1 million sales worldwide. Probably because Sonic Mania is the first great Sonic game in years."

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bouzebbal269d ago

First sonic i buy since Adventures 2.
That means something.

michellelynn0976269d ago

It is old school Sonic. I am not surprised.


First Sonic game in awhile I had fun from start to finish

Matrix6269d ago

More sales to come when it releases physically!

omegaheat268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Physical release? I highly doubt it. This is a mobile game at most. Devs can make these games in their sleep nowadays l. No use creating more plastic discs for nothing more than a nostalgic novelty.

Matrix6268d ago

Well, let me clear your doubts because like it or not it’s coming this "Summer" [August] for the Northern Hemisphere on all 3 consoles (as mentioned in the article above). I for one will buy a copy.

PowerUpAU268d ago

Physical copies sell much, much more than digital does.

Moonman268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

"The enhanced physical release will release in Summer 2018 for $29.99. In addition to the new characters, the physical release will also come with a holographic slip cover, a reversible SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive sleeve, and a 32-page Sonic Mania art book. It looks to be quite the lovingly crafted release. The new content will also be available as DLC for those that already own the game."

Also new playable characters, remixed zones and multiplayer added! I'm all over this! lol