Is GTA V Premium Online Edition the Last Version Before GTA V Switch?

Gadgets 360: "Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition for PS4 and Xbox One hits stores this week in addition to a digital release next week on both consoles and PC. In this edition of Transition, Gadgets 360's gaming podcast, we discuss what it contains, if it makes sense buying, and why you should care. Furthermore, we also touch upon the possibility of this being the last retail variant of GTA V before a possible Nintendo Switch release."

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sander9702272d ago

I honestly don't think Rockstar is working on another port for this game, at least I hope not let's get some new games for God's sake. Hell if anything just make a Switch exclusive game but not another GTA V port.

Xb1ps4272d ago

Please! Let’s move on!

showtimefolks272d ago

Not gonna happen in my opinion because mature games tend to not do well on Nintendo consoles

Gta on DS sold poorly

But I could see it only if R thinks they can move 5-10 million on switch

Sgt_Slaughter272d ago

Considering it sold 1.33 million on the DS of all consoles, and it's the best reviewed game on Metacritic for the system, I'd say they have a shot. Plus, the Switch is selling non-stop, it's almost a guaranteed big seller if they released GTA V with all the packs.

showtimefolks272d ago

Think about it best reviewed yet only 1.33 million sold but I agree gta 5 on switch could do crazy numbers

OpenGL272d ago

GTA V on Switch would be a very interesting experiment but I have no interest in actually playing the game on the platform.

Moonman272d ago

Rockstar has got to be working on something else for Switch. GTA V maybe but something has to be coming. Do they hate money? lol

SegaGamer272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

No, they love money, that is why they have sat on this game throughout the gen and done nothing else since. They probably haven't bothered with a Switch version because it means they would have to actually do something.

Rockstar have probably been the most disappointing company of the lot this gen.