Fortnite's Servers Are Coming Down For Maintenance Tomorrow

Fortnite's servers are coming down tomorrow for a brief period of maintenance, so you'll have to play something different for a while.

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Veneno178d ago

Jesus christ what are people gonna do?!?!?!

roadkillers178d ago

Not unlock John Wick, that's not what we are going to do!! It probably wouldn't get unlocked either way, I can't get a crossbow kill

BLAKHOODe178d ago

John Wick is the new Black Knight in that everyone seems to be using him now.

As for that crossbow kill, play Duos or Squad matches. Knock an enemy down with whatever weapon then finish them off with the crossbow.

Tetsujin178d ago

The article dates today (this morning) but the article was finally approved AFTER the maintenance?