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Blast Away the Game Review Writes: "But now, you may notice something’s different about the world put before you. Kratos isn’t blood-crazed, he no longer wants to hold the title as the Olympian God of War. Now he’s settled down, he’s removed the Blades of Chaos so that they are no longer bound to his forearms and even has since changed his approach to life. He’s had a son, Atreus, who joins him on his journey as he seeks to fulfill her final wishes, to be returned to the nearby summit where she can finally rest."

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UCForce231d ago

The game is going to be GOTY. Sure, there are still Spider-Man, Detroit Become Human and Red Dead Redemption 2 to compete, but right now God Of War have been praised by critics and gamers.

ThatDudeMunkee231d ago

It's definitely a solid game. I've actually decided to go back and play it again post-review and it feels as if I'm seeing new stuff every time I play. Definitely Game of the Year material.

CP_Company231d ago

it is not even solid. it is beyond that. it is closest game to perfection, and i am playing over a decade.

Goldby230d ago

i've noticed so many more ravens now since starting my second play through.

i wonder why????

ThatDudeMunkee230d ago

Not sure @Goldby. I noticed the same. Wondering if it's because we've started looking around a bit more.

AspiringProGenji231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

I like how certain people show up out of nowhere whenever a lower than 10/10 score shows up, but 3 more including this 10/10 review appear and they hide like cockroaches. If you really have something indifferent to say about this game, say it without fear in a 10/10 review as well. Don't wait for low/troll reviews to say anything. We know the salt is strong in all of you already

EmperorDalek231d ago

It's because there's countless 10/10 review for the game... it's practically expected to score at least a 9 from everyone. So when one that's lower than the norm shows up... of course it'll get attention. This will be from people both up in arms with hatred over the review, and yes some from those biased against it.

Uncharted 3 got a 4 from somewhere when that was out, did the same thing. That one was obvious clickbait, but it shows that this is a certain way of getting attention.