God of War speedruns are impressive — if you don’t mind cutscenes

There’s nothing wrong with cutscenes or plot development or story moments to flesh out characters; those are some of the things God of War does best. For speedrunners, though, the game may as well be a “cutscene simulator.”

BnH247 finished the game in eight hours, 11 minutes over the weekend, which easily ranks highly among the best completion times. But he said he has no plans to ever try again, precisely because of all of that story.

“So this game is one of the biggest cutscene simulator games I’ve personally played so I am definitely not running this game again, literally no point, so little gameplay,” he wrote in the YouTube description of his stream archive.

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madforaday1151d ago

My question, if he beat it in 8 hours, he must have played it before the normal way so he knew where to go and where not to go. I am sure he put some hours into that, BUT when he was ready to do his speed run, he knew 100% what it would be, right?

Link2DaFutcha1151d ago

Was about to write exactly this, like there is no way to do a speedrun without already knowing where to go and what to do. Also this game is clearly not built for that, it's so detailed and rich with lore that you miss the point of it by just blasting through.

maybelovehate1151d ago

He did point out it is more of a cutscene simulator in the article and not for speed runs. His actual gameplay time was probably very short.

EdwardNigma5611151d ago

That's usually how speedruns work. People study the game to speed through it.

maybelovehate1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

When he did the speed run the game had only been out 4 or 5 days. But yeah, I am sure he had beaten it a few times by then.

rainslacker1150d ago

while the game does have cut scenes, I wouldn't say they're that prolific to be a simulator. About 20 hours in myself, and the cut scenes have been fairly sparse in comparison to something like Uncharted. most of the story takes place in dialogue while in transit to different destinations, or aren't that long to begin with.

In any case, I don't really care if speed runners want to play the game again or not. Them thinking it's a cut scene simulator is really a non-issue, because games like this aren't made to satisfy their need for attention.

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dragonopt11151d ago

Definitely not a cut scene simulator, having so much fun with the combat and exploring the side missions. Game wasn't made for speed runs, sure the devs didn't spend 5 years making it thinking how fast they can finish it. Also, why try a speed run if you know you can't skip the cut scenes? BTW... The best way to play the game is with Immersion mode on :)

EdwardNigma5611151d ago

I sure this person has played though it. Speedrun has a cult following. It's actually an esport so to speak.

TeamIcoFan1151d ago

This is not a speed run friendly game, all those "esport" douches who like to whore themselves out in ads for doritos and mountain dew need to get that through their thick skulls.