Watch Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Boot Speeds compared on Wii U and Switch

PowerUp! - "We compared the boot speeds of both Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Switch and Wii U to see how quickly you can get in the game on each console"

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Moonman181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

36 seconds Wii U
15 seconds Switch :)

Davidgr2180d ago

$60 on Switch
$6.49 on Wii U

PhoenixUp180d ago

I’m still gonna play it on Wii U

CrimsonWing69180d ago

cool a last gen game boots 15 seconds faster on a current gen console... yippie

Moonman180d ago

21 seconds faster....count to 21.....that's a pretty good amount to cut down....this game also has more features added.

CrimsonWing69180d ago

my bad... 21 seconds faster... yay...