Nintendo Switch's Labo Is Already Letting People Do Some Cool Stuff

The new Switch game has potential far beyond what Nintendo has in mind; here are some examples of what players have come up with.

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wonderfulmonkeyman179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

There are plenty of good games on Switch.XD
As for Labo, it's letting people do some really cool things outside of standard games using the Garage [especially in the realm of Music], and even the more focused ones it has, like fishing, racing, the robot kit, etc, have, by all reports, been pretty fun to mess around with.

eagle21179d ago

LABO was announced in January and released in April. It was not hyped up for over a years time as the next big thing for Switch. It's simply a part of the library and the naysayers are oddly confused as to who it's intended for.

Knushwood Butt179d ago

The defenders seem to be equally confused about who it's intended for.

Prince_TFK179d ago


For kids and people who like to construct things. Is that really hard to understand?

PrinceVegeta179d ago

Cats are gonna more fun with the Labo than any human can ever have.

CrimsonWing69179d ago

Man, if you like building stuff out of cardboard to put your controller in and pretend you’re a piano player... I guess more power to you, but to say this is “cool stuff” is a huge stretch.