Opinion - Watching Let’s Plays can be just as good as playing

Kizito Katawonga writes - "Let’s Plays have a bad reputation for being immature, gimmicky and just plain annoying. But sometimes, they are a legitimate way of experiencing a game. One you might not otherwise have the chance to enjoy."

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SpaceRanger182d ago

While I agree with the concept, because many can’t afford all these great games coming out or bought a console that doesn’t have that exclusive, watching it is only half the fun and half the story.

The problem is that many say “I’ll just watch it on YouTube” as a dig at the fact that they think they can get the same experience as playing the game. Their opinions should not hold the same value as someone who has played it.

With that same concept, I can say that driving a Ferrari is fun because I saw a YouTube video of someone driving it.

Goldby181d ago


there a connection made between the player and the characters in the game that doesn't pass through on youtube.

Tross180d ago

I'd also be very frightened to live in a world where driver training amounts to a YouTube vid. Thankfully that's not a thing because no one in their right mind would believe that you can know how a car feels simply by watching a vid. On a side note, a YouTube vid is sadly, probably the closest thing the vast majority of us get to actually experiencing a drive in a Ferrari but I would never presume to believe I know how one feels just by watching such a vid.

Tross180d ago

Agree to disagree. Only those actually playing the game can know how it feels. Also, games with narrative choices are better to actually play because you can actually make those choices instead of watching someone else make them, while games with character customization are better to actually play because you can actually customize your character yourself instead of watching the character someone else created. Face it, watching someone else play only grants part of the experience. Sure, you can do that for free and don't need the systems to play those games if you just look them up on YouTube, but you'll never get the complete experience that way.

SickSinceSix180d ago

Watching someone else eat while you're hungry can be as good as eating yourself. /s