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Megadimension Neptunia VIIR may sound like a sequel to a game from two years ago, and chronologically that would make sense. Instead, it’s a rehash of the previous game with some bonus VR support and a little bit of tweaking to the base battle system. It is improved, but is it enough for someone who’s mastered the original release to double dip?

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JKyuun178d ago

"unfortunately V-II saves don't transfer to V-IIR"
You sir, just stabbed me in the heart with that ;-;
I know it wont be likely, but I'd hope they patch in for imported saves, because (while im not completely finished with V2) I certainly wouldn't want to start it again just for unlocks of PS VR content
Other than that, solid review!

RyanDJ178d ago

That is my one complaint and why I was glad I got to review this one. I don’t like how their naming structure works. This could have easily been the title for a sequel. But the really sucky part is the saves. Gameplay changes enough to still be entertaining, but I can’t see spending another $60 on a game I bought two years ago without save transfer. Thanks for the compliments!

RyanDJ177d ago

Author here with a side note: for some odd reason Sony has the original on sale for $12 this week.